Android 3.5 official feedback thread

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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby khaytsus » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:52 pm

bkayrac wrote:
khaytsus wrote:
bkayrac wrote:can't view scoreboard inside app, crashes on galaxy nexus google play version, 4.1.2

logs sent just a minute ago

Had this problem on my Galaxy Note, but nobody else did. Eventually uninstalled and nuked the Waze folder on the SD card, problem went away.

It's NOT a fix, but just information. Be nice if Waze could fix it.

doesn't work for me :), still crashing, figure it's just from the new app

Well crap, yep, same. It's okay on my Nexus 7, so either different install stuff, or it's just broken on some devices/resolutions. I've sent several logs.
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby Nacron » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:13 pm

Used the pick up feature this morning on the last beta and it still didn't work. If I chose the notification via notification bar it would make Waze stuck in portrait and if I confirmed in app, Waze wouldn't route. And even if I left it to count down, it wouldn't show any route on map and the turn by turn direction up top would be stuck. I do hope this issue was fixed before it was released to play store.

Heh, a lot of the comments left in the play store is for issues we reported but was never fixed here

I can confirm the bug wherein if you select the notification from the pulldown notifications, Waze will get stuck in portrait in the market version
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby crazed_out » Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:46 pm

Congrats to all of us. Haven't installed 3.5 yet so I'm assuming it the same as the last beta or maybe with a couple of more fixes.

Got it working correctly on my phone today driving home from work and thought to try some of the issues I've been seeing in earlier betas. When adding a stop to my route and choosing to see alternative routes it recalculated the ETA to 1 min. Removed the entire route and started over. Same thing again, started over a third time and ignored to select a route. Then it worked.

Navigating to a destination with a stop that makes you drive the same way twice, once in each direction, showed that the purple colored track for the second leg displays on top of the pinkish track for the first leg. This seems like a bug.

Then I left the route suggested by Waze to see what happened. Waze then gave me a route that lead me back to where I came from. About 6 kilometers all in all. When I closed in on the turn to go back Waze instructed me to turn according to this, in my eyes, faulty route. When I was 20 meters from the turn Waze suddenly reported to have found a faster route, skipping to the fastest route from that point, but it was too late. The rerouting should have found that route from the beginning of my leaving the track in the beginning some 4 kilometers earlier.

The performance is a little bit sluggish on my rather old phone, but I guess the new version has a bigger footprint than the version had. I will try the same navigation again tomorrow with the newly installed 3.5 and will get back on the matter again.

and thank you for your exellent work.
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby porubcan » Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:25 pm

perlin wrote:Aaaaand we're live! You can find the official release on Play store.
Please share here your feedback about the version (bad and good of course).


Perlin, maybe it would be helpful if you explain reasons and consideration you've taken of UI changes (e.g. scrolling menu, large navi bar) and other changes, which were criticized by beta testers all the time for each beta version; and now by user's of new version.

I personally think that new version is better (excellent stability and performance) than, so it is fine to release it. but there is still space for improvement.
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby Den_in_USA » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:28 pm

I just navigated back to work after a lunch break. When I arrived, I pressed the "park" icon on the navigation bar at the top of the screen, then I pressed the "stop navigation" icon. Big mistake! Now that blue parking icon stays on my map even after quiting Waze. Next, I rebooted my phone, parking icon still on map. Then in "Data transfer" I refreshed my map of the area, still there! Help!

I figured it out. Press on the park icon, when a tiny box appears, press on the top right corner of that box, then press the "Go" box. You will start to navigate and the navigation bar will be displayed at the top of the screen, press the "P" icon to unpark. The blue "Parked" icon will go away.
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby jwhgirl » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:22 pm

Still having a problem with this new version having choppy voice when using the full guidance with street names in navigation. Directions only/minimal guidance works fine. I started having this problem with the last version released in August 2012. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II). I am running Android operating system 4.0.4.
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby Den_in_USA » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:06 pm

daknife wrote:I absolutely HATE having the top third of my screen permanently blocked out by the black bar when following a route. Too big and not really necessary all the time. I didn't need it taking up that 33% of my screen real estate to tell me I need to take an exit twenty miles away, at least not for all twenty miles. Reduce it back down, I don't recall exactly how that direction block was done before but it was far less annoying because I never had an issue with it until today.

Oh but it did install great on my Galaxy S Epic 4G. My only issue with the install was that with all the other settings it managed to carry over from the previous version, why couldn't it carry over my preferred color scheme?

I totally agree!
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby btrials » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:03 pm

Running good so far, of course running Cyanogen Mod 7 but is Gingerbread based and is much smoother for operation compared to the previous version.

rolfmao it's a schizophrenic purple monster :lol:

And where's the crown?! :?

[ img ]
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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby mattej73 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:02 pm

The new version is working well for me so far, two things though. Pleas shrink the navigation bar back down, it's taking up too much real estate at the top of the screen and also, as with every other version, please stop making smaller roads disappear off the map when you're doing 40+ MPH.

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Re: Android 3.5 official feedback thread

Postby argus-cronos » Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:54 pm

Hello Perlin ;)
German Translation

i hope "you are nearing your destination" did make it into TTS now ;)

All about Nickname is mostly not translated.

Sentences didn't make it to the client.
You'll also see where I am, and watch in real time as I arrive
Refresh map of my area (Don't know how much this will be changed in the future or has been changend in the past :evil: )

sentence which is not in transifex
How to edit the map

changed sentences:
Send pick up request
Just double-checking
Email address
See friends, control how you're displayed, and view your inbox, coupons, driving stats, and more.
I want to pick you up. Send me your location with Waze.

...and a few more, please check transifex, thanxs.

Other things:

If i tap on the Waze Pick up item in phone's notifications, the screen turns around 180° and no way to change back on Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

Maybe there was never one over here, but the first time i see "world_5ju34" users on the client-map...
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