iPhone 3.5.2 official feedback thread

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Re: iPhone 3.5.2 official feedback thread

Postby Trakr » Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:44 pm

Having the Gas Icon is nice on the front page but, the distance it shows stations is worthless. The distance is only about 2.5 miles. I can take 2 different routes going to a destination with the gas prices varying by as much as 10 cents/gallon between the routes. Now I can't even see those stations as they are 5 miles or more away and the destination being about 25 miles away. I would like to know which route to take to get the cheapest gas but can't without loading a route and then selecting that route, looking at the prices, then selecting all routes and selecting the other route and then looking at the prices.

It is nice that it does show stations for a complete route of at least 100 miles (tested) so why can't it show stations around my current location with a larger radius??

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Re: Re: iPhone waze version 3.5.2 Facebook problem

Postby wroadd » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:53 am

jakudo wrote:Hi,
I've just updated the waze client on my iPhone 4 (latest iOS) and the waze can't connect correctly to Facebook. It's still showing me the "Still adding friends" and It doesn't show any of them. Also it sometimes ask to connect to facebook again. Any idea? I've already tried to delete and install waze again, however, didn't help...

EDIT: From now, it shows that I have no Facebook friends to waze... It's nonsense, I have about 10 fb friends who use waze (and who appeared on my waze till today's update)

Try to disconnect and connect on the web surface (under dashboard)

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