Error(?) on new account country attribution

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Error(?) on new account country attribution

Postby davipt » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:08 pm

Hello all,

It's not everyday that one creates a new account, but I had to create one to try out some stuff related to the translations, and have noticed the following weird behaviour:

- created the new account directly via the iPhone
- the client had GPS, asked for location permission, switched to Portuguese language right away (the license agreement text is english, but the line above and the checkbox below were correctly in Portuguese)
- after logging in, the client asked me to download the Portuguese voice pack (the recorded voices)
- on the voice instructions settings I see the correct and expected values - Portuguese and others voices for the recordings, and Raquel (and now Samantha and Tom) for the TTS
- on the text strings settings the value shows correctly "Portuguese (pt_PT)", and the client is indeed all translated to the correct language.

until now everything looks correct and expected and similar to my real account, except the following:

1- on the client, on the text languages, it's "Portuguese (pt_PT)", but clicking on it shows a list with only three items - English and two other ones, none is Portuguese (I don't have the device right now to recall which ones they were. maybe Hebrew and other?). I haven't tested changing to English to see what happens later.

2- on the dashboard (on the web, because the client's dashboard is completely fupped up), when I select "state" (which is country in the INTL server), I see a list of people I never saw anywhere, neither on the Portuguese list, nor in the all list ever. It gets worse because there are two of each (see pic)

So the main point is that either the dashboard and points are really fupped up completely, or my account is not yet assigned correctly to Portugal, which scares me if it's failing for every new user joining Waze.
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