iPhone 3.5.3 official feedback thread

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iPhone 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby seriousarsonist » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:24 pm

Had that wonderful network search problem again... Dropped... Came back but waze didn't like.

About 5ish (GMT) yesterday (29th), debug logs sent just know


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Loosing faith

Postby stephenstrath » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:38 am

Starting to feel I will never be able to navigate with waze and appradio in my car again. I'm not sure why the keyboard issue is still not resolved. And incase those at waze don't realize by now what that means. Ok so the keyboard just does not input text, period. This means I cannot use your app, period. This also means the large number of users who own a pioneer product also cannot use your app. Which means many have probably just given up on waze.Something as vital as being able to use your app to navigate is still not addressed? I don't understand. How is being able to input text not been fixed? is that not priority? You know, being able to navigate with your app? Any smart business would address the current problems ( and in a timely manor ) BEFORE adding more features. I bought an expensive stereo who endorses the brand name "waze" and even featured them in their ads. Only to find that waze is not compatible by definition. Because compatibility would mean I can navigate using your app, which I have yet been able to do in my car, even 5 versions later? I love the app and all you are adding but fix the essentials first, 5 versions is far too long to leave the large number of appradio users waiting to be able to use an app that is marketed to work with a product. Either pioneer needs to drop their ads or waze needs to get it together.

Thank you,
Hopefully a one day happy user of waze, if the keyboard is fixed
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Re: iPhone 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby stipsy102 » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:25 am

I use WAZE for more than 2 years now, and 3.5.3 causes me issues on my iPhone 4.
Most of the time I use it in my car, connected with USB to my radio system in order to have both music and navigation voice on my sound system.

I have noticed that with 3.5.3, WAZE has became very slow and screen buttons are not reactive when navigation is on : I click, then the icons box opens around 20 sec after.
=> very difficult to warn when traffic jam, accident, ...
=> to stop the application, it takes a long ... long time !!
=> boxes have a strange size since this upgrade
=> switching from landscape to portrait causes crazy movements for the screen button

Facebook connection is strange : I can see that I am connected, but neither my picture profile appears nor my friends !
I have disconnected, then connected again and the issue is still present.

I have noticed that WAZE lags more when my iPhone is connected to my radio, than when it is not.

I am a real fan of WAZE and contribute to promote it around me, so that's a pity for me not to be able to use it as I did it previously and to demonstrate it to convince others ;)

Fortunately, I had 3.5.1 in my trash, so I put it back in my iPhone and it really work better.
Then I am waiting for next update to come.
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Re: iPhone 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby wlau » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:24 pm

One sentence to summarize the new version: I hate it!

This version broke so many features, it's not funny. When I do navigation search, it no longer search correctly in my phone book, instead does searches using all these useless social media channels in which information is not relatively accurate or relevant. I am still on iOS 5, so there is no phonebook privacy setting for me. This bug is so irritating. I have my customer addresses stored, so I would do search by contact name before, but I can't anymore with this new version. My search for my cusotmer would return results from these social media channels that have outdated or incorrect addresses.

Moving the history to the main Navigation screen also is not a smart move. The favorite list should on the main list. For the sake of avoiding traffic, I would also do a search for nearby destination on virtually every trip, i.e, going to the store, get gas, etc, and all these useless history shows up on the main screen and my commonly used favorites are not.

I continue to have the app crashing on start up, if I don't "stop navigate" in the previous session before shutdown. Waze would always prompt me to report th bug and the process can do a long time if the 3G/4G network is slow as the app tries to upload a lot of data. This actually slows down the initial navigation as the app tries to fetch data...
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Re: iPhone 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby YoYoPro15 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:29 pm

My install this morning went smooth and wrote over 3.5.2 without any issues. The only issue I did have was that Waze was trying to access my "Custom Friends List" through Facebook which I denied. I did notice a slight increase in speed when switching though the different options in the menu's.
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