Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby jdeyoung » Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:28 pm

I appreciate that there are lots more android devices than iOS, but it seems like the most recent version has quite a number of pure stability problems where the app crashes. That is not helpful when we try to rely on this for commute. I shouldn't have to worry whether whether waze has stopped or not. I have tried sending reports nearly every time waze crashes - and since it seems to happen nearly every time I stop moving, this results in 4 or 5 reports during my commute. Do we have any idea when we might see a beta for an incremental release on android? Do the crash reports provide any help whatever? If sending frequent crash reports isn't helpful, I can stop and just live with it until the next release...
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby jnicaragua » Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:04 pm

Hi everybody, Im Joel and im from Nicaragua.
Waze has been an amazing app since i become "android"
but since the last update im having problems.

Im using a LG L3.
Since the phone does'nt have enough "internal memory" for run big app i had to root the phone and
install Link2SD app
All the app have been working very nice a little slow but ok, that is how i was using WAZE
but since the new update the app crush time to time.
I already try turning off "Link2SD" and "Super administrator powers"
even try to install waze in the internal memory
and of course move waze to the SD (the extra memory of the phone, not the external that i use with the LINK 2SD )
and nothing, i also was thinking about a problem with my internet service but try other gps and was ok.
So i think this is a problem with the LG L3 or a little bug over there.
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby Jpere » Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:51 pm

I'm not sure what caused this but I had no ETA banner on the bottom of the screen.

I sent the logs at round 7:21 AM EST on 1/25/13. ... -21-51.png
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby KB_Steveo » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:50 pm

What happened to the Google search option? It's bad enough that waze crashes every time I try to search in this new version. Now my options are a 50% chance of Bing actually sending me to the right place. Foursquare, which is awesome, if the place you're looking for is actually in their database. Or YP, Yelp, etc. (I'm going by memory, since I can't get to the search results without crashing) giving me results for places that are hundreds of miles away from where I am.

Can we get a link to go back to until this is cleaned up?
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby Knocik1 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:00 pm

I am using Waze daily in UK, however not doing long journeys (total around 25-30 miles). Recently (2-3 weeks ago), I've noticed that app is loosing GPS signal, however phone has that fixed. That was happening once or twice during 30-40 min drive for few minutes even. I tested other app for few days and noticed that it is not the case on other app - Navfree. Moreover, when I wanted to test Waze again, app is coming up with initialization failed - no network connection. The connection is there, and even tested at home with WiFi - no success. So I can't use app at all now (last 3 weeks). Anyone able to help?
I have Galaxy SII, Android 4.0.4.
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby Kuhlkatz » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:06 am

Leaving work last night I started Waze and immediately did a navigate search. It auto-started the home navigation in the background, so ignored my new destination. I canceled the home nav and set the new destination again.
Waze terminated, and asked for a log send when started again, which was done at 18h20 GMT.
It was in full debug mode at the time.

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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby markzabala » Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:24 am

zCougar wrote:The biggest annoyance is that every audio prompt pauses media player. In previous release I lowered prompts volume and heard guidance when playing podcasts but now every beep and word from Waze pauses podcast. It is very annoying. Please restore the previous behavior or add a config option for that under sound settings menu.

I'd like to reiterate what ZCougar said. One of the main reasons I use Waze over Google Navigation is that I could listen to my music (mostly instrumental) and have the turn-by-turn directions talk over the music without any interruption. Now this new updates pauses the music and makes the drives much more annoying for me and my passengers. I know other people have asked for this interrupting behavior in the past but it should really be a setting where users can toggle whether to have voices interrupt other audio apps or have it talk over for users like me.

What would be ideal is if we could also have the turn-by-turn navigation panned to just the left or right speaker so only the driver's side would have the directions and passenger's can listen to music with minimal distraction.

Also, can it be possible to use our handset's own text-to-speech engines? I like using Ivona voice on Android.
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby millerok98 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:16 pm

Before the update, when I was idle such as waiting at a red light, I'd get event pop ups on the map letting me know of nearby events within my selected radius. After the update, I get no event pop ups when idle. I checked the setting and it shows the correct event radius that I want. Also, if I select the level of guidance to including street names, it only says about half of the words when giving directions. If I select directions only, it has no problems. I have done a clean install and it doesn't change these problems.
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Voice directions get cut off.

Postby millerok98 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:28 pm

I'm using the most recent Android waze app. When driving to a location that I've routed, the voice commands only tell me part of the instructions. It does the same thing when I try to use voice commands to report an event. I have the level of guidance selected as including street names. If I change the setting to directions only, then it's not an issue when getting basic driving directions.
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Re: Android 3.5.3 official feedback thread

Postby MovingShadow » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:22 pm

Ever since I got the upgrade from Android to 4.1.2 Waze wont even start up anymore.

As soon as I click on the app it closes down again.

I'm using the Sony Xperia T
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