Petrol (Gas) Station Listing by Location

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Petrol (Gas) Station Listing by Location

Postby DJChalky » Fri May 10, 2013 10:02 am

I've had a quick search of the forums to see if this has already been mentioned but couldn't find anything so apologies if this has.

I was in desperate need of some fuel this morning on my way to work but didn't want to pay through the nose for it. I used the Gas button whilst on-route to work and was greeted with a jumbled up mess of Petrol Stations that were apparently along my route:

I can't see any logic to how the stations are displayed, they're not by distance, price, name or anything. I've never used the feature before because I usually don't leave my tank to get so low and I tend to use the same station as I know (from all my submissions) that this is always the cheapest but I knew I wouldn't make it there.

Anyway I looked through the options to see if this can be changed and found that it's already set to distance:

I tried switching to Price and this seemed to work fine but clearly the Location option doesn't work at all. I switched back to check and got the same results. I know that quite often Waze does it's initial calculation 'as the crow flies' but there's a massive difference between 19.3 and 3.5 miles and why on earth is the one furthest away at the top and the second closest at the bottom!
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