iOS v3.7.2 Official Feedback Thread

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Re: iOS v3.7.2 Official Feedback Thread

Postby x556 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:30 am

AlanOfTheBerg wrote:
CylonGlitch wrote:I'm sorry, but I have done hardware and software validation for 20 years. THIS should never have happened. I'm sure that many didn't see it, but someone saw something like this, no question about it. Either that, or new testers are really needed.

I believe you and the others who are reporting this. That doesn't mean any tester saw it, though. I certainly didn't through 3 versions including the current 3.7.2 release nor in the next beta. That's on ios 6.1.3/iPhone 5. I don't think it's called for to take testers to task. Clearly, not everyone is getting the error. Probably well under 5% of users, or twitter and facebook would be flooded with complaints. As it is, that isn't happening.

Waze occasionally asks for new testers, but that is limited to once a year changes by Apple.

Then maybe it has to do with user data somehow, my phone is an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS and no jailbreak but I have the similar issue. And I say similar because mine doesn't crash become unusable because of it, it happens rarely and it's easily fixed by shutting down the app with its menu. Now I'm see different results for other users and maybe the problem changes due to different usage and location is my guess. For example I've been complaining about not being able to choose the robot mood since I recently upgraded to map editor rank 2 and now I read somewhere that every time you update or reinstall the waze app it takes up to a week to sync your points to it again. Maybe those issues are invisible to beta testers due to their special conditions, only to be revealed when used massively, same goes with video games and other software, bugs will always exist. I just hope they're prepping up the fix already.
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