PH: Update Request (UR) closing policy


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PH: Update Request (UR) closing policy

Postby kazmuth » Tue May 13, 2014 3:33 am

The Philippine Area Managers and champs have discussed and agreed upon a new policy on how long we would wait for a reply on URs before marking them as 'Not identified'. The new policy is based on the UR density of an area. The UR density is determined by zooming into an area 100m/500ft scale and counting the number of URs (MPs excluded).

Heavy > 10 Mid 5 to 10 Light < 5

In areas with a heavy UR density, the wait time before closing a UR with no response will be 3 days. For mid UR density, it will be 5 days. And for light UR density, 7 days.

For URs that have replies from the reporter but has follow up questions, the wait count will be reset and will be based on the date of the last reply or follow up question. Wait time will still be based on the UR density for that area.

The reason for this new policy is to eliminate URs that are invalid and have a quick resolution for the valid ones. The logic is based on the premise that problems in high traffic areas will have a greater probability of getting reported again in detail or will get a timely response from another active Wazer. On roads less traveled, issues will have a lesser probability of getting reported again if the URs are closed so a longer wait time is allowed.

Another reason is that only 20% of reporters reply to our query for more details. Those that reply do so immediately or within the day, if the UR has no replies within 24 hours, it is probably not going to get a reply from the reporter. This just adds to the UR clutter on the map.
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Re: PH: Update Request (UR) closing policy

Postby M118315 » Wed May 14, 2014 8:20 am

Copy sir Kazmuth! :D
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