Level 5 downlock request for Mowbray, Cape Town

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Re: Level 5 downlock request for Mowbray, Cape Town

Postby RodNav » Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:04 pm

LeighGr wrote:
RodNav wrote:I don't mean to imply that you're guilty of doing that! :oops: There are other editors who seem to just close whatever they see.

Hmm.. Well.. Ok.. I'll own up! I have been guilty of doing so. When I come across a UR with absolutely no details, and after looking around, I can't see anything that stands out as being wrong, I'll mark it as solved. Lately if I come across this type of UR, I leave it, hoping that the new editor will allow me to ask the reporter for a few more details.

No need, I sometimes do the same. I try to not close them too soon after the reporting date, in case the person reporting is also an active editor. Yes, I'm also hoping that the new feature coming soon (?) will make things a lot easier.
There is this Wrong Directions UR which simply states M5 Koeberg. I can't see any reason why waze should not route via the M5. I've followed the M5 all the way down to Kromboom Rd, and can't see any reason to cause Waze to instruct the driver to turn left or right before even getting to the Koeberg interchange. Without knowing the rough area of the persons destination, it's like looking for a needle in a field of haystacks!

This one is a mystery! I have previously closed a UR there. Something about wrong routing. I also looked thoroughly in the area, but not as far as Kromboom Rd! (Where's the "impressed" icon?).
I wish I knew where the destination was. It might be that traffic speeds actually make the other route quicker, but that would not be obvious to the driver. Hopefully with the new editor we will be able to get the extra info we need.

RodNav wrote:With number of reports lately, I wish I could highlight my own reports, because those are reports I can usually solve since was actually there :P

What I've previously done is start a report comment with "For LeighGr" when it's one I want to look at when I get home. Doesn't always work, as I found a few that get closed by the time I get to look at them.

I often do that as well (with RodNav instead of LeighGr, of course!), and also find that it doesn't work all the time. Some people obviously just close a UR without reading it. But at least we get an e-mail telling us who did it :)

I will be driving home from Melkbos tomorrow. If I remember I'll drive via that way. I should get routed on the M5. If it doesn't I'll take the suggested route to see where it goes. BTW I have occasionally found interesting alternate routes this way!

Hope you're keeping warm with the Cape winter that's finally hit!

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