Resource for PEI function classes

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Resource for PEI function classes

Postby ivanvector_yyz » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:07 pm

I stumbled across what could be a resource for FC settings for PEI roads: PEI Surface Water Quality Map

It's an unusual place to find road data, but this map does classify roads by their status in the PEI Roads Act (here), which divides roads up between "arterial" and "collector" highways, and "local roads" which are further split into classes but so far I haven't determined what the local road classes mean. This map also identifies whether or not a local road is paved. The legend isn't given, but corresponds to this:

Thick yellow line = arterial highway
Thin yellow line = collector highway
Grey line = paved local road
Brown line = unpaved local road (either gravel or clay surface)
Blue is water

There are some weaknesses in this data, though. Except for the few arterial highways, the map doesn't continue designations within the cities of Charlottetown and Summerside; according to the map the collector highways just end at the city limits, which is clearly not correct.

Some time ago someone went around and set FCs of many PEI roads apparently according to the route number, but this system is unreliable: several of the one- and two-digit numbered routes marked "minor highway" are really local roads, and many of the three-digit routes set to "primary street" are narrow dirt roads; I've found some in the app that actually don't exist. I think it's reasonable to use the water map to set the FC for arterial highways (major highway) and collector highways (minor highway), although I still don't have a resource for identifying other streets as "primary" or not. From my somewhat limited local experience, if a road is continuously paved between two intersecting roads it's likely to be used as a primary street, but even that is not totally reliable.

Anyway I don't have the access level to make any changes related to this, I just thought I'd post the link. Any thoughts on this?
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