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Re: iOS Beta Feedback thread

Postby gettingthere » Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:16 pm

jasonh300 wrote:I looked again Friday just to make sure they hadn't put some ridiculous sale on the 4 or 4S. They didn't. If I'm going to spend more than $50 on a phone, it's going to be a 32 GB iPhone 5. And I'm not willing to spend the $649 they're asking for it. So I'll just have to wait another 5 months (I think) for a subsidized upgrade, at which point, it'll probably cost $449.

Drifting further off-topic - sorry.

On AT&T dial *NEW# (*639#) on your phone. You will get a free text message with your subsidized upgrade eligibility date. As sketch says, iPhone 5 2-year contract pricing is $299 for the 32Gb. $199 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB.

After a few days with the iPhone 5 I would never go back to the iPhone 4. Although the 4S is likely OK, IMO it's worth the extra cost for the very fast iPhone 5 with the larger screen, 4G LTE screaming fast cellular data and many other upgraded features. You are not buying a simple cell phone phone, it's a pocket sized computer. Think about it like this, $100 extra for iPhone 5 vs. 4S which equates to $4.16 per month over the 2 year contract to have a newer, faster, better iPhone.
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Re: iOS Beta Feedback thread

Postby jasonh300 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:51 pm

sketch wrote:The 32gb is $299 on new contract. They'll have a 4S for $99 and an iPhone 4 for free; I think both are 8gb (which isn't nearly enough!)

I'll go ahead and spend the $299 when it's available then I guess. My 3GS is an 8GB and it's been fine, since I don't store music or videos on it, but I can't even upgrade the iOS (which would probably slow it down even more if I made the room).
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