iOS Beta Feedback thread

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iOS Beta Feedback thread

Postby tibble » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:30 pm

So far it's really slow but it works great. Will be able to drive with it later today.
Already 'picked up' a friend. Way cool!
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iOS Beta Feedback thread

Postby perlin » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:51 am

For registered users only!

Full link:

    * New sign up flow with Facebook single sign on.
    * Privacy and visibility controls allowing you to change permissions and pick how social you want to be. Interact with all friends, close friends and family only, or expand your network to all friends of friends too.
    * "Nearing destination bar" -contains useful shortcuts for when you approach your destination: Mute, Stop Navigation, Save parking location and indicator for number of Friends on their way to the same even/destination
    * Extended meet-up functionality, including the ability to easily pick anyone up by sending them a pick up request via a text message or email (Waze isn't needed on the other side). They'll get a live map showing your location and ETA.
    * Toll roads are marked (on ETA screens and alternative routes)
    * New design and UI throughout the app, including the ETA screen, Navigation bar, Navigation list, My Waze menu....
    * Send private messages to users. These are received as both a push notifications and sent to their inbox.
    * Report a road closure (not in this build but probably in the next one)

Please keep in mind that this is a VERY initial beta version, and it still needs lots of work. The UI (texts, colors, icons) still needs to be polished. We're still trying different design ideas and figuring out what looks good and what doesn't. Even though things aren't complete and far from perfect (and there are many known issues) - we wanted to send you this beta, so you can experience it for yourself.
As we very much appreciate (and count on) your feedback, it's important to us to share it with you and hear what you think.

Known issues
    * Can't add favorite from the favorites menu (no "Add a new favorite" button)
    * Map disappears and turns to blue screen after: (1) sending map issue (2) sharing location from navigate screen (More > Share..)
    * The option "Let others send me public chit chat" affects also the private chit chats option
    * Pickup won't start during navigation (if the driver is already navigating)
    * When pickup route includes stop-point - canceling stop-point cancels pickup
    * When installing freshly - favorites won't restore when login-in with FB
    * Invisible mode - not really working. You can still see your details on reports. If you encounter more places in which you see your details even if you invisible- please tell us.
    * Can't un-park (cancel the parking sign)
    * Mute button in main menu is not synced with mute button in nearing destination bar
    * Transmitting mode activates again after canceling it
    * Can't update gas prices when phone's format is set to Portuguese-Brazil
    * Some words in Hebrew appear as gibberish ("Minutes", for example, on ETA label)

Thanks for your feedback!
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