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LG-E400 Optimus L3

Postby EulerAlves » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:53 pm

setosha wrote:Crashes every time when I try open menu. (Report icon, Waze Icon at left or context key)
Crash reports sended from waze app.

Here too. Everything like.

It crashes everytime I click or slide left icon. If I click the initial announcement "Click here", it work right like left icon. I had to uninstall it and get market version again. I sent crash reports. Video don't run.
My phone: LG-E400 (LG Optimus L3) brazillian portuguese
Android: 2.3.6; Kernel:; Build: GRK39F
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Landscape - Android beta Feedback

Postby the1who » Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:05 am

gerben wrote:First drive with it tonight. Several issues:

- Next turn bar is way to big in landscape view. It overlaps the north up toggle button partially, or totally if there is a status message.
- after updating gas prices, the text for the 'send' button is still visible behind the X to close the window.

After going through the 13 pages of threads you're the only one that mentioned the extremely obtrusive navigation bar in landscape mode! It is so big and unbearable that it isn't even worth putting in a route...then to top it off, the bar that drops down at the end of the route, leaves little to anything left. Enjoy the features and the thoughts to change, but landscape needs some love too.

As far as text overlays, I think everyone has mentioned the bulk of them, there is one that I didn't see mentioned. In the reports area, the distance to the report is outside of the frame, like the font size is too big and goes over the left boundary line. I wish I could take screen shots with my phone more easily, I guess I'll have to figure that out quick like.

The other issue is what someone mentioned, using Waze and having phone on charger, so much is being used that phone gets hot and doesn't charge much at all, if at any at all.

I have this continued issue, that it seems if there is a network switch while driving from one tower coverage to another, that my GPS remains active but my speed shows 0 mph and the car still moves a long the map. The accuracy in this version is almost unreliable. It could be related to background sync going on with the phone too. It just seems most likely every time I go more rural but still have network access, and I am being handed off to another cell tower.

I had one serious issue that required me to completely reboot the phone. I submitted logs too. But I started the app, it gave the splash screen and then I had a view of the map and it seemed like it froze, no other actions were going on. I went to home screen and back hoping it was a processing problem. Still not working. I went to manage apps to fore stop at least two times, it reinitialized each time, but still got stuck just at a map and all other functions were dead. I had to reboot phone and then it worked correctly. I enjoyed the other market version and while I enjoy the beta, it is so unstable for me to use at this point, that I'll have to revert to market version. Looking forward to next beta!

I like the reimaging a bit of the Wazer moods but some were either not complete at the time and the squiggly line for LOL I hope isn't the LOL.
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Incorrect spoken direction given for exit ramp

Postby skbun » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:54 pm

I had multiple instances today where I was to make a right exit from the freeway, and I was actually told (by the non-street-aware/dumb TTS) to 'exit LEFT'. I sent logs to Waze for a case where I'd just passed such an instance.

Situation was: I was to exit right on a typical diamond exit ramp, then turn right at the end of the ramp.

I should note that through this entire process, the VISUAL arrow instructions at the top of navigation were correct. It was correctly showing me the bent right arrow indicating 'exit right'. Meanwhile, vocally...

Waze told me to:
'In one mile, exit left.'
'In 500 feet, exit left.'
'Exit left.'
(Then it got it correct both visually and vocally...)
'In 500 feet, turn right'. (This is when it was already on the ramp and knew it just had to make a right turn.)
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Android beta Feedback thread

Postby perlin » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:26 am

For registered users only!

Full link:

    * New sign up flow with Facebook single sign on.
    * Privacy and visibility controls allowing you to change permissions and pick how social you want to be. Interact with all friends, close friends and family only, or expand your network to all friends of friends too.
    * "Nearing destination bar" -contains useful shortcuts for when you approach your destination: Mute, Stop Navigation, Save parking location and indicator for number of Friends on their way to the same even/destination
    * Extended meet-up functionality, including the ability to easily pick anyone up by sending them a pick up request via a text message or email (Waze isn't needed on the other side). They'll get a live map showing your location and ETA.
    * Toll roads are marked (on ETA screens and alternative routes)
    * New design and UI throughout the app, including the ETA screen, Navigation bar, Navigation list, My Waze menu....
    * Send private messages to users. These are received as both a push notifications and sent to their inbox.
    * Report a road closure (not in this build but probably in the next one)

Please keep in mind that this is a VERY initial beta version, and it still needs lots of work. The UI (texts, colors, icons) still needs to be polished. We're still trying different design ideas and figuring out what looks good and what doesn't. Even though things aren't complete and far from perfect (and there are many known issues) - we wanted to send you this beta, so you can experience it for yourself.
As we very much appreciate (and count on) your feedback, it's important to us to share it with you and hear what you think.

Known issues
    * The option "Let others send me public chit chat" affects also the private chit chats option
    * When installing freshly - favourites won't restore when login-in with FB
    * Invisible mode - not really working. You can still see your details on reports. If you encounter more places in which you see your details even if you invisible- please tell us.
    * Can't un-park (cancel the parking sign)
    * Mute button in main menu is not synced with mute button in nearing destination bar
    * Transmitting mode activates again after cancelling it
    * Can't update gas prices when phone's format is set to Portuguese-Brazil
    * Opening clip cannot be played on GS2 (on other devices it's a bit distorted)
    * FB pics in user details exceeds frame on Milestone, GS2 & Motorola Razor devices
    * Crash when sharing saved location when there are no favourites
* Main menu button disappear on some devices when pressing 'You are now being added to the map' bottom ticker

Thanks for your feedback!
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'First leg not counted' bug

Postby skbun » Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:14 pm

This bug still exists in
Say you're on Ave A, and want to navigate to Bob's Business, also on Ave A:

1.7 miles down Ave A
(Arrive at destination)

When you put in the address for Bob's Business, and select it, you get the confirmation screen, with the possibilities [Close] [Routes] [Go] and an estimate in large print of how many minutes and miles this is.

On this particular screen, it seems that the distance you must travel NEVER takes into account the first segment of the trip you must take - the one your car is already on. In other words, that screen will say this:

Bob's Business, 125 A Ave
5 min 0 ft

Once you DO press [Go], THEN the navigation display at the bottom correctly displays 1.7 miles to go and 5 minutes travel time.

In the most general case, I think I can say this:
If navigating to a destination, the first screen estimate shows the proper number of minutes to your destination, but shows 'the total distance there minus the first segment of your trip'. In a case where I asked to navigate 2.2 miles total (one half mile past the first segment), I would be told that my trip would be:

7 min 0.5 mi
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