Android beta Feedback thread

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Android beta Feedback thread

Postby perlin » Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:36 pm

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What's new
- Night & day schemes
- Moods (also monster mood is now shown on main menu)
- Reorder of main menu buttons
- Meetup menu

What's fixed
- Stability fixes
- Lots of UI fixes and improvements
- Problems with the pickup feature
- Connection problems to Twitter and 4square
- Possibility to un-park (tapping twice on the parking button)
- Speedometer disappears
- Sharing location from segment on the map is missing the location name

Known issues
- International characters are not restored correctly
- Settings for night/day mode is not saved upon upgrading from play store
- Map stays on night mode after switching to night and then back to "auto"
- Invisible is not working, checkbox does not stick - you are still visible
- Crash when opening report screen from main menu after sending PM (both sender and recipient)
- After upgrade from store- connect to FB button will not redirect you to the map (press no thanks to resolve)
- Duck mood appears on the map but not inside the user popup (when tapping it)
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'Ready to go?' window ends all navigation if 'closed wrong'

Postby skbun » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:08 am

Today I used Waze to attempt to try to figure out a question like this:
'I want to go to one of two Safeways that I often frequent. I'm driving on the freeway, but I wonder which is faster and shorter to get to from my current location?'

So I'm navigating to location A, and start a new navigation dialog to location B to check this.

As soon as 'Ready to go?' pops up for B, what REALLY happens is that navigation to A has ended and the address navigated to, forgotten. At this point, I can:
* Hit 'Routes' to see alternative routes to B
* Hit 'Go', and start navigating to B (or do nothing, which implicitly means 'Go' in 10 seconds)
* Hit the back button on my phone, or 'Close' - which ends ALL navigation and I'm just shown on the map.

There's an almost identical flow if I put in an Add-a-stop point, but exit out with 'Back' or 'Close' at the 'Ready to go?' screen. This one is probably more bothersome than the first one:
1. While navigating to address A, I click Add-a-stop. I click address B.
3. I get the 'Ready to go?' screen, and click the 'X' button or back button on my phone.
4. I am no longer navigating anywhere - A OR B. I'm just shown on the map.

Here's the thing. If I'm navigating with 'add a stop' enabled (i.e., the 'Ready to go?' window is long gone, and I'm just navigating), I can click the 'Cancel stop' button. What this does is basically:
* Cancel the stop to address B
* Pull the original address A back into memory
* Bring up the 'Ready to go?' screen, for address A, and you're ready to navigate straight to A.
...point being, somewhere in the code, 'Forget what you're doing and go back to that first address' is present already.

I'd like to propose the following as possible design changes for how this works:
* If I am on the 'Ready to go?' screen having just added a stop point, using the 'X' button or back button on my phone should not cancel navigation entirely; it should act exactly like 'Cancel stop' does. Think 'Do I want to go to that stop first? Oh, no, that's ridiculous time. Never mind.'
* If I am navigating to address A, and check navigation times/distance to a different address B, (reaching the 'Ready to go?' screen)...hitting the 'X' or 'Back' button should not cancel navigation entirely; instead, it should act like it does with 'Add a stop', pull address A back into memory, and recalculate navigation to A.

Hopefully this all makes a little sense as I've described it.
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