iOS beta feedback thread

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iOS beta feedback thread

Postby seriousarsonist » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:40 pm

Hey all

Just installed and had a poke about, will save nav and map comments for when I've actually driven with this beta

1st, yup the what's new video crashes waze, on subsequent tries it gets as far as YouTube before crashing

2nd, moving back in groups is rather jumpy especially if you have scrolled down on the different screens

3rd, while FB integration seems fixed, the my friends bit isn't, those I know to have been on recently it seems to give 1 month as a default

4th, why have 'English' and 'UK English' as options when you only get UK Daniel and Serena as options... Guessing this is taking the local country as the selector

5th, still swaps Miles to KMs on update

6th, in settings/sounds the volume sliders are different

(42.34 KiB) Downloaded 3117 times

7th, on app start I get a pop up like its going to do or tell me something but it disappears far too quickly, not sure what it's about

8th, what is the iOS photos thing about when you use share on facebook? Doesn't go to the camera roll...

[ img ]

Apart from those it's looking mighty fine! Liking the new processing graphic, very swish and I'm sure lots of people will appreciate the FB bits working properly (personally I'd like to ditch FB for good)

Until next time...

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iOS beta feedback thread

Postby Dave2084 » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:43 pm

I can't wait to try this out on the road tomorrow. It looks like many of the minor issues I'd reported previously have been fixed.

A few initial observations:
1. The main menu still has a disparity with the report menu in the number of icons shown when not navigating but is the same when a route is set
2. Fuel logo still has a $ sign
3. The text entry box for reporting a map issue is still obscured by the keyboard in landscape mode.
[ img ]

4. The new logo for my direction/other direction is great but the "other direction" text doesn't fit. Is this a translation issue? I tried editing the uk translation file but it seems to be hard coded even though changing to US English has text that fits.
[ img ]

5. I love the new road labels but can we supress the standard ones, I don't need to see it twice.
[ img ]

Lastly has the speed camera units bug been fixed on this release, and also are the camera warning captions still hiding the map?
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iOS beta feedback thread

Postby perlin » Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:34 pm

** For registered users only **

Full link:

Exciting version with lots of new features and improvements!
We're very proud to release you this first beta of a new version we've worked hard on. It contains new features and improvements for old ones, that you guys requested to see.
Try out this version, drive with it, experience it and send us your feedback.
In addition to bugs & problems, we also want to know what you think about the integration with FB events and the new look of the map.
More exciting features are coming next version!

What's new

1. Map changes
Tilted reports: reports on the map are tilted to the direction of the road
Navigation line: new navigation line, displays road labels with names of streets on the route.
Less street names on the map: map is "cleaner", street names are shown only for roads you cross + city names.
Exception: when panning the map, all street names are shown.

2. Integration with FB events: when replying "Attending/Maybe" to an FB events, it will automatically integrate with waze and will be added to the navigate screen (12 hours before the event starts). When selecting the event you are requested to verify its address. 2 hours before the event starts, a message will pop, asking you if you want to drive there.
3. New inbox: new layout, which includes multiply message selecting (in order to delete or mark as read) and a possibility to reply.
4. ASR (voice activation)
New activation method: double wave (wave twice, back and forth). This is to avoid false activating when hovering the hand above the screen.
More commands: you can now say "thanks" and "not there" on alert popups

5. Hazard alert popups display the type of hazard
6. New suggested-route popups: displays only "Yes/No" when asked if you want to drive somewhere (work/home)
7. New moods: cat and dog
8. Mute: mutes all sounds (including popup alerts)
9. Events on route: under "Events radius" you can select "On route only" (it's finally working server-side).

What's fixed
Pioneer keyboard & display

Known issues
Crash when opening "What's new" video from welcome inbox message
Problems with contact searching on iOS 6 and up
Mute button also mutes the ASR
ASR- has some difficulties understanding the commands. If it doesn't understand specific words you try to say- please tell me which ones.
500ft turn notification happens at 1000ft
"Proceed to highlighted route" appears when adding a stop
Reports tilt to incorrect side of the road on left-hand traffic countries
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