Android beta feedback thread

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Re: Android beta feedback thread

Postby SwedishBadger » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:28 pm

Just installed, too bad I dident get it two days ago since I just came home from a 1192.8 trip with Waze running for 95% of the trip. I parked on my driveway when the beta email came... :D

Few hours on the road tomorrow also tho so I'll make sure to test it. :)
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Re: Android beta feedback thread

Postby Googleplusintegration » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:23 pm

Looks good so far. Installed nicely with no issues. Like the new prompt screen for destination. Will test out tomorrow on a trip.

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Re: Android beta feedback thread

Postby deeggo » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:23 pm

(53.33 KiB) Downloaded 2651 times

Installed fine. Will test on the road tomorrow.
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Re: Android beta feedback thread

Postby benostrowsky » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:18 pm

2 hours before the event starts, a message will pop, asking you if you want to drive there.

Pretty neat, but how about events at locations that are estimated to be 172 minutes away (or 3 minutes away)?

The difficult cases are, as far as I can tell, (1) when the user is driving away from the event location shortly before the time they ought to turn around, and (2) when the event is located so far away that the user plans to fly to its city and then drive (in which case the user might get falsely reminded at 4am on Monday morning, "you'd better start driving from Miami to Los Angeles if you want to make that 11am meeting on Thursday morning").

Maybe it would be best to ask the user when they would like to be reminded, and also prompt them to answer "Remind me ____ minutes early if traffic will be especially bad".
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Android beta feedback thread

Postby perlin » Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:58 pm

** For registered users only **


Exciting version with lots of new features and improvements!
We're very proud to release you this first beta of a new version we've worked hard on. It contains new features and improvements for old ones, that you guys requested to see.
Try out this version, drive with it, experience it and send us your feedback.
In addition to bugs & problems, we also want to know what you think about the integration with FB events and the new look of the map.
More exciting features are coming next version!

What's new

1. Map changes
Tilted reports: reports on the map are tilted to the direction of the road
Navigation line: new navigation line, displays road labels with names of streets on the route.
Less street names on the map: map is "cleaner", street names are shown only for roads you cross + city names.
Exception: when panning the map, all street names are shown.

2. Integration with FB events: when replying "Attending/Maybe" to an FB events, it will automatically integrate with waze and will be added to the navigate screen (12 hours before the event starts). When selecting the event you are requested to verify its address. 2 hours before the event starts, a message will pop, asking you if you want to drive there.
3. New inbox: includes multiply message selecting (in order to delete or mark as read) and a possibility to reply.
4. ASR (voice activation)
New activation method: double wave (wave twice, back and forth). This is to avoid false activating when hovering the hand above the screen.
More commands: you can now say "thanks" and "not there" on alert popups

5. Hazard alert popups display the type of hazard
6. New suggested-route popups: displays only "Yes/No" when asked if you want to drive somewhere (work/home)
7. New moods: cat and dog
8. Mute: mutes all sounds (including popup alerts)
9. Events on route: under "Events radius" you can select "On route only" (it's finally working server-side).

Known issues
Mute button also mutes the ASR
ASR- has some difficulties understanding the commands. If it doesn't understand specific words you try to say- please tell me which ones.
500ft turn notification happens at 1000ft
Reports tilt to incorrect side of the road on left-hand traffic countries
Can't remove an history item from recent searches
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