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North Somerset Unlock request

Post by NMB1992_
Hi Editors,

Coordinates: 51.37639 -2.86054  requires a change in direction ASAP... I updated the new speed limit, and to ensure the speed limit was in the correct places, I had to add road... and the end segment is still at level 4 (because I didn't require access to that at the time) however now, because I've added some road, I'm unable to change one of the directions... rather than unlocking it, please can someone just rectify the issue that has the relevant level please?

Also, when you change the direction... please can you just check that my edits are correct, and let me know please? 
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Post by Ianinessex
Not sure I understand this. Are you referring to the A & B markings on the end of the segment? I can't see anything else relevant to road direction.
If so, these do not affect the routing along here and do not need to be all the same.

For future reference:

Please always use a permalink rather than coordinates, it makes it much easier to find the specific road segment you are wanting changed.

You can select several segments to attach to a single permalink for an unlock request, Simply hold the shift key while selecting them or press "m", then click on each one and then press "m" to end the multiple selection.
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