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L5 A1(M) Sunderland - LG

Post by iangpowell
Would a L5+ mind taking a look at the LG on this segment and seeing if anything needs tweaking. I have a UR at this location which suggests that on this segment the carriageway is only three lanes, with 1/2 going left and 3 continuing on, and it's only on the subsequent segment for a short time, as the carriageways split, that a fourth lane appears.

I'm in two minds as to what is best, editing the LG on this segment to the three lane layout shown on GSV would work, as those in lane 3 would be correctly directed, as it's this lane that splits into lane 3 and 4, but it could also be that the segment after this is the one that has four lane LG introduced - I'll defer to your expertise!!
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Post by Kkervinjones
Agreed. The fourth lane only starts very near the 0mile sign. I've adjusted the LG.
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