Difference between "My Lane" & "Other Lane"

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Re: Difference between "My Lane" & "Other Lane"

Postby zhong_chai » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:09 pm

unwallflower wrote:"My Lane" is for all reports on your side of the road, in the same traveling direction as you. "Other Lane" is for all reports traveling on the other side, in the opposite direction.

Thanks. Just what I thought, the GPS couldn't be that accurate to detect different "lanes"

AlanOfTheBerg wrote:FYI, this has been asked before.

EDIT, now that unwallflower has already answered...

This is supposed to work even for a split roadway. However, there are bugs with this and it doesn't always work. Waze is also working on the option for both "lanes." The buttons used to say something different, but it was confusing. It still isn't all that good. I proposed "My dir" and "Opp dir" but any shortening of words also needs to work for other languages.

Really ? My bad. I actually searched everywhere for half an hour before I post this. I kinda guessed it but I just want to confirm it before I get reported for posting fake traffic reports hehe. Your idea of "My dir" and "Opp dir" is better IMHO. Anyway if this is a repeat I guess I should close this. Sorry again.
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