Historic Data

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Historic Data

Postby sublimese » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:55 pm

When I tell Waze to take me from my home to my work in the morning, it appears to not take historic data into account.

For example, let us say I have 2 routes I could take to get to work. Route A and Route B.

Route A is the route I would take when I know there is no traffic (night, weekend, holiday, etc...). When there is no traffic, or when traffic is flowing at optimal levels, this route takes me 35 minutes. On a typical work-day this route takes 55-60 minutes.

Route B is the route I take on a normal day. Route B when there is no traffic takes 45 minutes. On a typical work day this route takes 50 minutes.

Route A, during rushhour is ALWAYS slow. Additionally, there is a huge on-going construction effort on this route that always causes additional delays. In 2 years of taking Route A during a normal work day, I have NEVER had it take less than 55 minutes to complete the trip.

For a week now, at 7:15am, I tell Waze to take me to work. Every morning Waze wants to take me down Route A. Every morning it tells me Route A is going to take 35 minutes. This is wrong. During the work week, Route A will NEVER be this fast. Route A is NEVER the fastest route.

Does Waze not take historic data into account at all? Waze should know that by 7:30 most of Route A will be heavy traffic and the commute time will increase accordingly. Why should I keep using Waze if it insists on guiding me down the slowest route. If I have to constantly ignore what waze is telling me....whats the point?
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