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Unlock request in Chermside, Brisbane Queensland

Post by doenau
Hi Editors,

I would like to be able to edit the following segment(s).
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I am a resident of Latham St, Chermside and Waze thinks it is a one-way Street. I would like it changed to dual-direction please. The route always attempts to take me the long way around. 


Permalink: ... =148151789
Unlock to level:

Thank you in advance,
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Post by BeastlyHaz
Hi Doenau,

I have unlocked the requested segment. Make sure when you change it to two-way that the turns in and out of the segment on either side are allowed as they might be automatically set as disallowed.

Additionally, it is recommended you change your language from the default English to English (Australia) to get more accurate names and additional info on some things. This can be done by clicking on the cog on the left panel, then clicking the dropdown under "language"

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Post by LostInMyMaps
Hey Doenau,

We didn't hear back from you, so I've changed this for you. If you'd like to learn more about editing, check out the New Aussie Editor Link in my signature. Thanks for your contribution! :)
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