Expanding vocabulary for Italian donna sound pack

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Expanding vocabulary for Italian donna sound pack

Postby booboiboo » Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:57 pm

I noticed that no matter what road hazard lies ahead, Waze tells me that there is a vehicle ahead (in Italian of course). No matter if it is a pot hole, vehicle on shoulder, road hazard or construction - it's always the same announcement. I have to take eyes off the road to look at the pop up which is tiny. Bad bad bad. How can this be expanded?

While I drive in the USA, I use Italiano Donna as my voice - it helps me keep my language skills up. But this isn't working.

Also - I noticed that the countdown to turn units are messed up. I am in Miles as my unit, but the announcements are in hundred units (100, 200, 500 etc). There is no way those are feet, so most likely meters - but even those don't seem accurate. It's as if the localization is meant to only work in Italy and then fails flatly when combined with other road hazards and with imperial units. I'd love to discuss this with someone who is managing that code set and help.

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Re: Expanding vocabulary for Italian donna sound pack

Postby mr1492 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:53 pm

I'm studying Italian and like to use Waze in Italian, too. I agree that the distance countdown is very odd. While the display says my turn is in 500 meters, my unit says, "Nel otto cento metri, giri a sinistra." I'm also getting the lack of distinct hazard warnings.

Also, when will TTS in Italian be offered?

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