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Odd Voice Language behaviour when travelling in Denmark

Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:21 am


I had a issue last week where I was traveling from Denmark -> Germany -> Denmark

Before I arrived in Denmark my navigation voice setup was set to English UK - Kate (TTS)
Starting in Denmark the navigation language automatically switched to Danish without warning and even though 'English UK - Kate' appeared to be an option it wouldn't switch back, (on resetting the the app, the option disappeared) once I arrived in Germany it switched to German, again with out warning or prompt, however I was able to switch back to English UK - Kate, but on return to Denmark it once again switched back to Danish with no ability to switch it back to English TTS

This seems to be a poor setup for switching languages, and also poor setup that not all TTS languages work in all countries regardless of the native language of that country.

I know TTS voices are gonna have issues pronouncing street names correctly, but its better than a not having it at all, and it does get simple things like the highway numbers correct which are a big help when traveling in Foreign countries..

Can you please advice if this is the intended behavior of the app, and if so why?



Re: Odd Voice Language behaviour when travelling in Denmark

Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:12 am

It's officially the oldest active bug (BUG-0022 in CC) which was first reported on Dec 10, 2014.
However, you should still be able to use TTS when you choose it manually. So this might be something new.
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