Discern between camera & fixed camera

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Re: Discern between camera & fixed camera

Postby Kuhlkatz » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:12 pm

davipt wrote:We have three types of things. Or two because the meaning of fakes are still not understood by me.

Fakes are typically mounted in the same cases as the 'Speed' and 'Red Light' cameras. The only difference is that the other 2 actually have working components inside.

It's just for the show and to deter speeding, like putting 'Beware of the Dogs' signs on your gates when all you have is 2 miniature dobermans...
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Re: Discern between camera & fixed camera

Postby zhim57 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:46 pm

The popups to confirm if a camera is there are complete nonsense. The cameras are there and nobody is going to remove them in the foreseeable future, why we should get those pop-ups? it is like a pop-up to ask if the road is still there. I am OK with the other pop ups, policemen move, traffic situation changes , but confirmation for a red light camera?!? once installed these things stay....

Another thing is , if possible please include the locations of the red lights in your system, every time I stop at a red light the thing is asking me if I am in traffic. If the system knows there is a traffic light there, may be it can connect the dots itself...
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