[Solved] Translation of "Speed"

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Re: Translation of "Speed"

Postby Svenne33 » Sun May 12, 2013 11:50 am

Well, let me explain. While "hastighet" means the speed of the car, the word "fartkamera" means speed camera. The word "fart" in Swedish means speed too, but we always use "hastighet" when we're talking about velocity. :)
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Re: Translation of

Postby Watt25 » Tue May 21, 2013 12:30 pm

foxitrot wrote:The word "Speed" is just one example. But actually each dialog window should use its own set of translations for all words/phrases appearing there. The devs should realize, as mentioned, that various languages may use totally different translations for one source phrase in other contexts and it is not foreseeable for the devs, whether one particular source string might be used unmodified on different places (except a string is intended to be kept identical).

If the devs do not intend to turn the translator's life into hell... OK, not even let him tear off his hair... :wink: then please avoid using one translated string on different places. Let the translator, with help of the translation memory, to handle the similarities. He knows his language better and will be even able to handle the issues with insufficient horizontal space in some of the dialogs.

I told the HQ this about 1 or 2 YEARS(!) ago. I didn't get any answer about this. Looks like they can not understand this problem...
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