3.6.99.* Share->Send change BUG-0343

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3.6.99.* Share->Send change BUG-0343

Postby davipt » Thu May 16, 2013 2:31 pm

Orit, please advice on how to proceed in this case.

On the beta version (yes I know we shouldn't be talking about it, but this info is safe) the left-menu icon for sharing locations and routes was changed from "Share" to "Send".

This now causes a big consistency issue for all translations (and the original english) because we can't change the meaning of Send, as the string is used in other places, and to keep consistency we'll need to change every instance of "Share" to "Send", which will break the non-beta version.

I'm posting this here so other translations can wait for an official guidance before starting to change the translation files.

Please understand that in English usually it's clear the distinction between Send and Share and Post and Check-In and others I can't recall now, but when translating either we say "screw it" and don't translate and assume people know a Post is a facebook and a check-in is a foursquare, or if we try to get the right words for all this variations, it's quite hard. And then if those words are used for multiple unrelated things, like Send the icon to send a locations and routes and Send to send a sms with the location then it's even harder.
It's a similar case of the thread nearby of the Speed vs. Velocity, with Speed used on the wazer's current speed, as well as Speed for speed camera, or the case of the buttons at the button of the inbox that are too small and are words used somewhere else so they can't be changed to fit the buttons without breaking something else, so our inboxes are a beautiful "[ ] N..m [X] Ap..r [ ] To..s"
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