Adapted system for Area management (English version)

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Adapted system for Area management (English version)

Postby kdevries » Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:18 pm

Area Manager

On january 1st 2015 the system for becoming an Area Manager will be adapted.

An Area Manager (AM) is an editor who actively maintains a part of the map. As long as you are an active Area Manager, the area you are responsible for is permantenly assigned to you as an editable area.

To become an Area manager you need to be at least a level 2 editor. You can become an editor level 2 when you have made a 1000 edits.

Area Manager Level 2
As AM Level 2 you are responsible for a (part) of a town or municipality. You know the area well.
You keep an eye on you area and inform your AM Level 3 or Regional Manager on important issues.
You keep a record of roadworks and other events that are important for the traffic in your area. You are prepareren to look for information on the internet and on social media. If necessary you ask for information at the local authorities. You follow up on Update Requests (UR's) and solve them in accordance with
UR etiquette.
New editors in your Area can ask you for advice so they learn to know there way in the Waze editing community.
You consult with other editors in your Area and you work together with your mentor.

To become an AM Level 2 you have made a reasonable amount of edits (guideline 3000 edits) of good quality. This will be evaluated by the Regional Manager and other experienced editors. You are expected to be active on the forum and on other relevant communication channels.
An experienced editor will be assigned to you as a mentor (at least AM Level 3).

Area Manager Level 3
As AM Level 3 you have the same responsibities as a AM Level 2, complemented with the active mentoring of less experienced editors. Your Area will usually be biggen than that of a AM Level 2. Of course you are active on the forum and other relevant communications channels.

You are the first point of contact for Area Managers Level 2 and you are their back-up.
You assist starting editors to become familiar with waze map editing and the area you are responsible for.
You add restrictions to roads were this is necessary. You add road closures to locklevel 3 and communicate other road closures to the Regional managers or Country Managers. This can be done in the forum,Slack and Google HO. They can then process these requests.
You edit the map when big road construction projects are finished, or when roads are added, changed or removed.

To become an AM Level 3 you already need to be an AM Level 2 and have made a lot of edits (guideline 10,000 edits) of good quality . This will be evaluated by your Regional Manager and Country Managers (CM). You are beeing mentored by a RM or a CM.
You will the mentor of starting editors and Area Managers Level 2.

When you like to become an AM and you think you fulfill the requirements you can ask to become an AM by completing this form.

For more details on Area Managers, see Area Manager.
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