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Re: "Other search engines" first two icons question

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:43 am
by TNT1001
I'm having another search engine result issue, in which the Waze app doesn't seem helpful in providing the better info (which I would think would normally be the Waze provided data).

Earlier today I created a Point Place for the "Inventure Kids' Science Lab". But when I search for it, the app comes up with two results in the default search engine...

"Inventure Kids' Scien...". (no exclamation point...the one I created)

as well as

"Inventure! Kids' Scien..."

I presume most folks are likely to select the first point provided in the mixed results. It seems to me that if the Waze app is going to list multiple points, the first point ought to be from the Waze database.

The two following attachments show the described results.

The first screen shot is from the Waze-only search engine. To get just the Waze result, one must move the search engine icon to the far left. I don't think the average user will understand to even do that action.

The second screen shot is from the default search engine (Waze plus other provider results). In this case, it certainly isn't helpful.

Re: "Other search engines" first two icons question

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:17 pm
by TNT1001
I recall only putting in "Inventure". Right now as I try it, it seems to be behaving differently. The first two search engines produce only one result (the Waze Point Place I created), and I have to slide to the Google search engine to see the (one) result with the exclamation point. Interesting.

Re: "Other search engines" first two icons question

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:48 pm
by TNT1001
I'm still really disappointed in the performance of the Waze search engine. I'm looking at a UR right now... ... st=4432327

...wherein we have a massive Area Place, with appropriate placement of the stop point (see attachment).

Yet, invariably, users search for Highbanks Metro Park, and end up selecting what I presume is the Goggle Map Pin, and thereby get navigational guidance into a nice little neighborhood (Blue Jay Dr), which is far far away from the entry to the park. :(

Even using LiveMap I get the same guidance! (see other attachment)

Users really lose confidence in Waze because of this. There are countless URs because of this.

Thanks for listening (and possibly commiserating).