Adding multiple places and search finds non Waze results

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Adding multiple places and search finds non Waze results

Postby IMDashti » Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:12 am

I'm working on WME to add branches and cashpoints of my bank to be able to find one when I Waze around my city. As I add or edit one such place, I make the name to be the full English name of the bank. As alternative names, I also add the full name in our local language, and the English abbreviation of the bank, each as a separate name entry.
I expected that when I search by one of the three names, the App would give me the places regardless of which name I use. However, the search gives me results from different non-Waze sources, but not Waze places which my search matches as an alternative name. For example, if I edited a place name as "Bank of America", and added "BoA" as an alternative name, I expect that when I enter "BoA" as a search term, I would be given that place because it matches the alternative name. Waze seems not to give the places properly unless the main name is used for the search, so it would not give that BoA place unless I search for "Bank of America".

I hope the search mechanism can be investigated to give priority to Waze places matching by the main name or any alternative name before considering results from other non-Waze sources.
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