Contacts and calendar access inconsistency

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Re: Contacts and calendar access inconsistency

Postby Mvan231 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:21 pm

When you say Android 9 device, you mean this is a separate device from your phone, right?
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Contacts and calendar access inconsistency

Postby Skwara0 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:42 pm


First of all I would like to say hello to everybody as I'm new at this forum. A decided to reach out to You after 2 months spent on exchanging mails with Waze support that still keep me on step 1.

Before I describe the problem I need to mention that I'm using Waze on a custom car radio with Android 9. It's not Android Auto. It's more like a custom Android 9 tablet packaged in a way that it fits my car's dashboard.

The main problem is that I cannot access contacts in search feature. I know there are threads about this but I feel that my issue different. I granted permission to contacts after Waze asked for it but after typing a name I don't see any results from my contacts (but on the regular smartphone it works on the same Waze version). I would entirely blame my custom Android 9 but when I want to share a ride suddenly Waze has access to my contacts, I can choose any one of them and the message arrives without problems. That was the case up to version Next update broke also the access from share ride view but this shows that Waze actually had access to the contacts and it's not my device's fault (at least not entirely).

I already checked how Google Maps behaves and it has no trouble with accessing my contacts. They are being synced using my Google Account (I tried disabling and enabling syncing).

I already tried Waze support and I'm very much disappointed. Each time different person is responding, they are not reading previous emails and only copy pasting responses that I already answered to.

Below I provide pictures illustrating what I mean:
1. Below You can see a screenshot from Waze on my phone. It shows how I expect contact integration should work. I write a name of my contact and it's shown below in the first position with corresponding address.
Searching on phone that works
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2. Below You can see what happens when I click the contact on my phone. Works great.
What happens when I click
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3. Here I do the same on my Android 9 device in my car. Previously I enabled contact syncing just like I did on my phone. I have my google account with my contacts on this device. As you can see the contact is not visible.
Search on the device that doesn't work
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4. And now something that proves that Waze actually has access to my contacts. This is what I see when I'm trying to share a ride with that contact. It's visible.
Access in share ride view
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Please help :)
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Re: Contacts and calendar access inconsistency

Postby Skwara0 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:39 am

Yes. Also, there is no connection between my phone and this device. It's standalone. Something like a tablet.
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