Modify settings: closest results first + straight navigation

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Modify settings: closest results first + straight navigation

Postby minitaipan » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:10 am


I'm using your application while driving for UberPOP in Paris area, France.

Combined with a Samsung Galaxy Mega 4G phablet on the dashboard, it's a superb experience for me and my clients too: they can check the navigation from the back seats, total trust, they love it, many times they said "wow, I've been driving this commute for years but that's the smartest itinerary ever, I got to download that app !!!".

I've searched for "modify settings / preferences" in the forum but did not find what I'm looking for thus my post.

1. Display search results by shortest kilometric distance first: many times I enter an adress while in Paris and the first result is like 300 kms away or more (triggers a big laugh from clients "no... I'm not going to the French Riviera today..."), the Paris one is like in 3rd or 4th position.
How can I edit settings with Notepad++ (like I did for restating speedtraps display) so it ranks from closest first ?

2. Skipping intermediate confirmation popups once adress is confirmed: once I found the correct adress in search, there are two pop-ups requesting clicking before navigation starts ("Infos" and "Ready to go ?" with 12 seconds countdown)
I don't really need them (I can always click again on Search to display itineraries if in doubt), it's kind of wasting time for me to have to click twice for faster navigation with each new customer.

Remember I do two searches per client: one for his pick-up adress and one for his destination once on-board.
This can happens 4 times per hour so it quickly adds up to + 30 times per day, clicking and clicking again and again ;)
Can I edit settings to skip them or at least reduce countdown to 1 second ?

3. On a side note, with the Galaxy Mega, the Itinerary screen shows a list of three first, then I need to click on "Carte" ("map") to show it to the client (they prefer the map than the text).
"Carte" is a minuscule text in the upper right corner next to the Android Parameters icon: many times I misclick it and get to Android Control Center.
Could you resize it or maybe add a big map button below the three itineraries in text screen (there's like 2/3 of screen empty below :-D)

Many thanks and best regards from Paris,
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