Localised Information from Foursquare Broken

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Localised Information from Foursquare Broken

Postby rw-aldum » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:54 pm


The South African sub forum recommended I post this up here as it seems to be a Waze issue.

When searching for a destination in Cape Town (in South Africa), and using Foursquare as a reference, it shows "iKapa" instead of "Cape Town" as the City.
Eg: Searching for 'Cavendish Square' in the vicinity of Cape Town in South Africa gives the first result as "Cavendish Square, Dreyer St, Claremont, iKapa, Western Cape, South Africa"

iKapa is only present on Foursquare search results.
Both Waze and Google results show Cape Town as the city - which is correct.

I have verified with Foursquare that Cape Town is saved as the City for the locations I have tested. I can only assume that Waze is somehow requesting localised information from Foursquare and somehow iKapa is listed as the localised version of Cape Town?

Any suggestions as to how to get this fixed would be greatly appreciated.
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