Waze UK User Conference - Summary


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Waze UK User Conference - Summary

Postby orit_y » Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:02 am

Greetings UK community,

Following the successful meetup we prepared a short summary.
Thanks again for the great hospitality, hope to see you soon!

UK Meetup Summary

-Speed cameras - we are currently working on three things:
* Improving pop ups and making sure they are only as obtrusive as needed. We have noted your suggestions in this area.
* Planning to accommodate average speed cameras as they are becoming more and more common.
* We will be improving the preferences - when you turn off cameras, alerts will be off but they will be displayed on the map (unlike the opposite which is occurring now).
-We are working on having URs show more GPS traces.
-We are considering restricting vehicle types to private cars. This is not something that will happen in the near future.

-We are working on adding URs from the editor as comments.
-We are working on merging service roads into regular streets and we’ll update the guidelines.
-We are working on showing the time and not only date in the UR
-Element history - we agree with you it is a major improvement and have raised the development priority of this. It will be merged with the development process of the editor user profile which we are currently working on.
-We are considering creating an attribute for private Road in the segment, rather than a road type.

-The routing server looks for the 'best' route, which means not only fast, but also more predictable - less segments, less left (in UK - right) turns, etc. As requested this information can be shared with the community.
-As part of the in-drive 'smartness' Waze will present an explanation for choosing the specific alternative route, an option for feedback is tested, this is a work in progress.
-Please provide additional examples to when A and B are close (aerial distance), yet an obstacle such as sea or mountain forces the route to be extremely long in order for Waze team to further explore this issue.
-Navigation instructions for un-named roads "turn left onto <name of next road>" are being reviewed and we are working on additional restrictions to minimize these cases.

Localization &TTS
-We are working on adding yards as a measurement unit for the TTS.
-We are working on making the editor languages defaulted as in the Waze website.
-We are working on changing the default setting to miles.
-Improving TTS sound in Samsung Galaxy vs Nexus.
-Roundabout main issues were solved in 3.8.1
-We are working on to create better navigation instructions for unnamed roads.

-We’ve fixed the auto complete Categories in the UK (translation issue )
-When searching , we are considering the option to combine both search results along route and general search results
-The "google" tab should be the main tab for businesses, and it should appear first for searching for something. If this is not the case (with this search, or others) please let us know. the "waze" tab is meant for addresses. For "Sainsburys" there is a data problem in Google's addresses database which shows there three "Sainsburys" in London all the time.
*** You should expect this behavior to change in 3.9
-Editor built in search - we will make sure to make it as similar as possible to the client search. We are working on taking into account the current viewframe so search results are more likely to appear if they’re nearby.
-We are working on Importing UK data directly to the app.

-We are working on the border issue that causes editing problems as discussed.
-We have a concrete plan to recruit a content manager to improve/redesign the Wiki.
-For the issue presented “Left Hand Drive: in some places the routing server reaches a wrong decision about the driving side” - our research shows it is probably related to the borders issue and once it is solved this will not be an issue anymore. We would be happy to receive additional examples in order to confirm this.
-Max segment speed - we have current plans to bring this field up in the editor. It is more of a long term plan, but we also have some ideas and plans on how to utilise this in the client.
-We are considering the feature suggested “Tolls & fastest routes: price the toll, suggest a toll route only if it saves non-negligible time” but it will not be executed in the near future.
-Road shields will not be changed for now, but will be considered according to the community suggestions in future changes.
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Re: Waze UK User Conference - Summary

Postby ditchi56 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:08 pm

orit_y wrote:-We are considering creating an attribute for private Road in the segment, rather than a road type.

Would be great if you could do this.

Could you also think about the name of this attribute. At present, we use "private" to mean "not for through routing". The road being privately owned is just one possible reason for this. Another which is quite common in the UK is a "no vehicles except for access" legal restriction, which means that it's fine to use the road to get to a destination within it, but unlawful to travel through and out the far end.
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