PROBLEM with Avoid toll setting not working - London CCZ

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Re: PROBLEM with Avoid toll setting not working

Postby iainhouse » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:47 pm

I've moved this topic to the UK sub-forum, since it's a UK-specific issue.

The short answer to your question is that the avoid toll setting works, but Waze doesn't actually have the required capability to handle the London CCZ properly.

Waze only has the ability to simply mark a segment as toll or non-toll. When I started editing the maps a few years ago, every segment around the boundary of the CCZ was marked as toll. That meant users had to turn avoid toll off to get sensible routing when the CCZ isn't in operation. Of course, few people realised this, so routing was terrible. It also meant that people inside the CCZ trying to route out with avoid toll on were effectively "trapped" inside the CCZ! :lol:

Over the years, we've made some improvements and massively reduced the number of complaints about routing involving the CCZ. The current solution uses the time-based restrictions that are now available in Waze. Each entry to the CCZ has two parallel segments. One is marked as toll; the other is not but time restrictions means it's only available for use when the CCZ isn't in operation. In this way, users can get routed into the CCZ outside of operating hours via the non-toll segment. Note that Waze itself has no time-based toll capability. This method is something I had to invent to deal with the CCZ.

This worked very well indeed - until TfL installed cameras on all the exits from the CCZ, as well as some at locations within the zone. This means that you can be give a route into the CCZ that enters before operating hours begin - but you may pass a camera inside or at an exit during operating hours and get recorded. I suspect this is what happened to you.

Unfortunately, there is no way we can currently account for the new cameras, although it has been discussed several times amongst senior editors.
  • We can't change the entry restrictions to an earlier time to give drivers time to get through the CCZ, because a journey through the CCZ could be anything from a 5-minute shortcut through a corner of the CCZ to a 60-minute drive straight across it.
  • We can't put toll/restrictions on the exits, otherwise you might be routed into the CCZ just before operations begin and then find yourself "trapped" inside because all the exits are now toll-only
  • And an additional problem for either of the previous two suggestions is that the level of London traffic can make any route time very variable
  • We could duplicate every segment in the CCZ with a parallel segment as described above: one toll, one only usable outsite CCZ hours. It would work - but it would be a monstrous job to implement and the likely number of mistakes we would make with turn restrictions to and from overlapping segments would destroy sensible routing!
Realistically, what we have now is the best we can do with the available tools. I know that doesn't help you if you've been caught and then missed paying the charge - I can only offer my sympathy.

We are continuing to talk to Waze HQ about a better solution. Realistically, this would have to be some form of toll zone, where every segment within a polygon is considered as toll within specified times. But since they haven't even managed to provide time-based tolls for simple segments yet, I don't know how long this will take. :(
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PROBLEM with Avoid toll setting not working - London CCZ

Postby Walea_ » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:51 pm

Hi all,

On the 01/02/2017, I trusted the Waze app to guide me to work as per my usual drive to work. I've always had the setting to avoid toll switched on. For this reason I'm surprised that the app failed me on the 01/02/2017 and lead me directly through a London congestion charge zone. Unknowingly I missed the congestion charge payment and now I have a PCN fine of £65 to pay because I placed my trust in waze. Are you able to look into the avoid toll setting and confirm if this is still working or confirm if this was a bleep? If it isn't just a bleep this app may have just become less attractive to use.

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Re: PROBLEM with Avoid toll setting not working - London CCZ

Postby Walea_ » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:18 am

Thanks for the prompt and detailed explanation of the workings and the technology restriction on implementing the London CCZ within the app. I believe that you are correct with your suspicion about what happened to me. I guess it is what it is *chucks it up to an expensive experience/lesson :(*.

In the meantime I'll just have to be more vigilant about my location and the time. Hopefully a more perfect solution for implementing the London CCZ will become available soon.

Keep up the good work :)
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