Request for Renaming of a City Form

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Request for Renaming of a City Form

Postby Dave2084 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:41 pm

To keep track of the number of requests for renaming a city a new form has been created:
Before requesting the renaming of a city make sue you have read the guidance in the Waze UK Wiki on city naming:

Cities may require renaming for a number of reasons, some examples are:
1. Removal of the (county) suffix for unique cities.
2. Consolidation of duplicated names for the same city with/without the (county) suffix.
3. Spelling mistakes.
4. Case errors (e.g all CAPS).
5. Removal of city blur where two different cities with the same name are linked.

Tip: You can use to find towns, cities and duplicates

It may take some time for large cities and towns to be renamed as this is only done infrequently by Waze, smaller settlements may be handled by Country Managers as time permits.
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Re: Request for Renaming of a City Form

Postby iainhouse » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:57 pm

Please note that renaming a city can now be done directly in WME, but only by L4+ editors.

If a city name needs to be changed (e.g. incorrectly spelled), you can post a request in the UK Editor Requests sub-forum. However, we cannot correct capitalisation (eg change bURTON to Burton) and you will still have to use the form.

If cities need to be merged you will also have to use the form. The example that prompted this post is 500+ segments named "Burton upon Trent" and 20 segments named "Burton on Trent". In that case, we cannot rename "Burton on Trent" to "Burton upon Trent" because it already exists - and renaming the segments individually will leave the "Burton on Trent" name in existence for a fair while and someone may use it again on another segment.
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