Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits


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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby hawknz » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:31 am

Since pipelongar's post in April 2011, there still does not seem to be any update/fix on this yet.
I've also noticed with the new Map Editor, that if you select several streets to bulk-edit, the State option lists only as "Other".
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby foxitrot » Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:32 am

ituajr wrote:How about a compromise position: Use the simple 'City" form unless there is a conflict with an existing City of the same name in another state. When there is a conflict, use "City, State".

This approach is being quite commonly used here around for duplicate city names, belonging to different districts.
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby drraspberry » Mon May 09, 2011 10:53 pm

I was having the same problem in my area. Thanks for the info
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby dave_cairns » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:47 am

I've just had a quick look - my guess is it is that roundabout right under the title.. It's been edited recently by tobian (27/12). Give it a few weeks and it will probably go away. It looks like the city names don't update with every map update run, only every month or so.

I re-did all of Newport in QLD in early December as well - it also took a couple of map updates to straighten out.
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby Danbolator » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:42 pm

bad-codriver wrote:Thanks dave_cairns,

I've gone through my suburb of Rosehill, NSW and tried to regularise the naming convention to "Rosehill, NSW" so that it may be differentiated from "Rosehill, QLD". I think I've changed all Streets, Roundabout segments and Landmarks, but it is difficult since the search function on the WME doesn't seem to be able to locate map objects that are named "Rosehill" and not "Rosehill, NSW".

The whole region just south and east of Parramatta remains a horrible hotchpotch of city region colours: e.g., implying a lack of accuracy or rigour in naming. As I go along I'm trying to fix these, but I'm not sure when the City layer is updated in the WME - is it instantly updated as I edit or does it have to wait for an map update?


I don't know if i've missed something in your post but i've found that the colour highlights script
does a good job at finding suburb names on street segments. updates instantly, no need to wait for the city polygons to be updated. You do have to be zoomed in far enough for it to show every road though
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby Danbolator » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:34 pm

So it seems Waze has updated the cities layer. there's indications that this will be a more common occurance as well.
eshabtai wrote:Cities polygons should be more up to date, basically on every map update.
The addition of state is still on our todo list and not part of new infra.



i've been adding ", NSW" to all the suburbs i've edited- the "todo" list reference is very ambiguous and there's still heaps of cities that span states. i don't want to add to the problem by excluding state but i also don't want to create a future problem (can cities be bulk-edited by Waze staff?) -
any thoughts on how i should proceed?
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby cjsimmons » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:56 pm

Yes, this is an annoying problem. Especially when a road has a suburb name that comes from another state. I had to find a road in another state and change it's suburb as it had the NSW suburb in it.

The sooner Waze adds the AU state to the editor, the better.
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby bringitom » Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:26 am

Well thought out, Jinglee and Coogee can't be titled in Western Australia as there are the same in the Far East. There are suburbs listed as Inglewood and Inglewood WA. It would solve both problems.
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby brad321 » Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:45 am

Hopefully a few of the city problems will disappear with the more frequent city layer updates.
Windsor is a particularly prevalent one here in Melbourne also. There appears to be a huge city of Windsor spanning at least Sydney, Melbourne & possibly Brisbane. I have fixed the Melbourne Windsor. It would be nice if a Sydneyite could go and edit the western Sydney Windsor to something appropriate like 'Windsor NSW'. There are only a handful of streets at this stage so it should only take 5 minutes. Use the WME Highlighter addon to see all the relevant streets.
This whole problem is so obvious in the city layer view. It will be too difficult to repair until the Waze gods give us our 8 states.
It appears that in the early days the "Too far away error" was not part of the editor. It now is, so new problems cannot be started but it seems to be possible to extend existing problems. If someone hits enter when trying to choose Wangaratta and accidentally selects Windsor it sometimes does not complain and extends the city of Windsor even further......
Does anyone know if it is possible to discover what city one of the colour polygons from City Layer thinks it belongs to?
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Re: Incorrect suburbs / Suburb limits

Postby bad-codriver » Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:12 am

I've been automatically converting City names to "City, State" format wherever I find it in metro Sydney (as this is my area), regardless of whether the suburb is unique or not.

My reasoning is as follows:
1) It's consistent in naming
2) It should help Waze in the future when they implement a separate field in their database. When that happens, a simple computer script by the database administrators can take the text string after the ", " in the City: ("Suburb, State") field to become the new State field. Without this, Waze won't necessarily know in which state a suburb is located and will have to match the suburb name with the state (admittedly this may not be that difficult).
3) As I tend to work on one suburb at a time, it is easier to see suburbs that I have not checked over as there is a "Suburb" label in the area of the "Suburb, State" label. Once a suburb has been thoroughly worked over, you should only see one City label. At the same time as changing the City: field, I also check for typos in the Street: field, but I also make sure the street names use the recommended short form of the name, as this assists the user when they see the street name in their client. They will see a longer suburb name, but all the street names should be the short form, and the user will see many more street names when using Waze so I think on balance it's better.

I think most of Sydney's suburbs now use the "Suburb, State" format - I don't know about other states. For this reason, when I added this recommendation to the Waze Wiki I didn't make this mandatory for suburbs that are unique until we have some sort of consensus on whether this should be done everywhere.

I have noticed that some streets have had the suburb listed as "No City" (or "Sydney"): I'm not sure why. Either:
a) Someone knew a street name but wasn't sure which suburb the street was in,
b) Someone thought that the street name is unique in Australia, possibly because it's a famous street
c) The street spans multiple suburbs - I think the naming of some streets with the City name of "Sydney" might be for this reason. Tunnels that have no real connection with the suburbs above it would seem reasonable reasons for why people would name them with a trans-suburb name. I'm more in favour of segment names for highways that reflect the local suburb names. Tunnel names I'm not so sure of. Using meta suburb names like "Sydney" will distort the suburb boundaries on the map.
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