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Waze Australia Discord server

Thu May 17, 2018 4:35 am

Because of a growing demand, we have relocated from the Waze Global Discord server to our own server. :D

Everyone is welcome, Australian editors, old and new especially. Our goal is to foster a community, improve engagement and interaction, with the hope of growing and retaining quality editors. :)

Invite Link to Join Our Private Server

[ img ] Join the Waze Australia Discord server.

Download the App

We strongly recommend you download the Discord application so you can communicate more easily. It's a little app that runs in the background and bings when there's new activity, and helps you stay connected with your colleagues. :)

What's next?

Introduce yourself in #general, contribute advice to other editors, have a laugh in #off-topic and get advice on time-saving scripts in #scripting, plus lots more. ;)

I'm scared of new technology! :oops:

No need to be, we're all friendly and helpful, and will support you to learn how to use Discord. It's pretty simple though, and loads of fun. :ugeek:

Further, we are progressively integrating external sources of traffic information into traffic alert channels (which you can turn on/off as you desire). More on the project plan to come. ;)
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Re: Waze Australia Discord server

Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:14 am

We've now got quite a community going here, seems to be working well with the provided tools we have, and mentoring new users is a breeze with the easier line of communication.
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