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Please add a permalink of the segments you wish to unlock
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How to...post unlock/update requests

Thu May 10, 2018 7:20 am

This subforum is for all requests to modify the map

We need the following information to efficiently process your request:

In the subject of your post
  • the needed editing level (e.g., L4)
    for an unlock, provide your level too (e.g., L4>L2)
  • the location (State, City, and/or road)
In the message
  • Describe why you need the unlock or update
  • Give a Permalink to the segment(s) you wish to unlock or have updated
If the request is completed
  • please thank the editor who solved the request ( click the Image)
  • Mark the thread Solved (click the Image)

Subject: Level3→L2 Unlock: Kazhakkoottam, Kerala
Please unlock to update road name

A request to unlock one or more objects implies that the editor who lowers the locks for you will be responsible for your work. Higher level editors may wish to do the change themselves if they think it is necessary that higher value segments will remain protected at their level.
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