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Want advice on which route TN to NJ - where to post?

Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:57 am

Wow, I'm surprised at how little activity there is on this forum (unless it's all about editing and such, but I assumed it'd be road discussions etc..

I'm from NY too Weezer, live in Hendersonville 17 miles NE of Nashville. Home of Johnny Cash('s grave) =)

Here's my query and any advice about how to better ask it is appreciated...

My cousin in Vineland NJ had a litter of Lab puppies and I'm going to get one! My Daughter, 13, is going with me so that'll be a fun time bonding.

I haven't even decided which route to take yet - none is a clear winner and I get tired of driving Eastward for 4 hours when I can head North up I-65 and be in another state in an hour!
Boils down to
Route A) : I-65 to Louisville then either I-71 to I-70 (cinci) or
Route B) : 64 to 79 to 68 (Charleston, Morgantown); or
Route C) : my usual and boring I-40 east to Knoxville (blah) then up I-81 which looks like a construction zone most of the way.
Also, is there a weather layer on the waze mobile app? That'd be helpful especially if it was able to give a projected weather condition along your route for one's travel date.

Lastly, I plan to visit The Mütter Museum and so any advice on Philly is a plus. Plan on taking Amtrak; museum's only open 10-5 so at least I won't have to get up too early for the 2-hr train ride!
Thanks in advance!

Re: Want advice on which route TN to NJ - where to post?

Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:24 pm

Yeah, you're right, I think these forum sections have pretty much been taken over for editing discussion, but there's not exactly anything that specifies this, so... :lol:

I live in Knoxville and I did a similar trip last year, plus I've driven all of those routes. I opted for the 64>79>68 route then hit I-95 and the turnpike (and tolls!) from Baltimore. Other than the cost, I loved it. I-79 and I-68 are not only more scenic, but they have FAR less truck traffic than 81. (I should have turned north in Haggerstown to 81 and 78, but I wanted to mark off my map for completeness) The 71/70 route was just a bit too flat and dull for my taste but since I drove it at night I can't comment on the traffic.

Safe travels!
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