Official 2016 Meetup thread

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Official 2016 Meetup thread

Postby xanderb » Sun May 22, 2016 6:49 pm

This thread will be updated with all the most recent information on the 2016 South Atlantic region Meetup.

The meetup will be held in Charlotte, NC at the Omni hotel on November 12.

There are two forms that attendees will need to fill out. One of them is for our planners to make sure you are getting the latest info and the other is for Waze and needs to be filled out for you to get travel taken care of.

Our Form
Waze Forms are in the hidden forum for people that signed up on Our Form.

I will keep this post updated with information as it is decided.
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Re: Official 2016 Meetup thread

Postby jbayes » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:36 am

Good news everyone! We have a date and a place for the meetup.

Ottonomy posted this in the SAT Meetup Slack channel this morning:
Well everyone, it looks like we have ourselves a meetup. Staff has chosen November 12 for the official day, and unless something changes, Charlotte will be the place.

I’d like to encourage as many of us as can afford it to make a two day venture of this, and stay through Sunday the 13th as well.
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