2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

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2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby xanderb » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:10 pm

It was great to finally meet some of you after years of discussions online. Here is the group photo from the meetup tagged with usernames of those willing to share, so we remember who everyone was.
Thanks to oldbeeg for compiling the names with the photo.

[ img ]
Click for larger version.
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Re: 2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby TerryPurdue » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:49 pm

On behalf of all the Great Lakes Region editors who were granted an opportunity to attend the meetup, we would like to publicly thank Ottonomy, the meetup planning committee, and all SAT editors in attendance for being such gracious hosts!

You all really put on a superb event last weekend; it was a true honor to be part of the SAT 2016 meetup.

[ img ][ img ]
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Re: 2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby fbisurveillancevan21 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:15 pm

I wholeheartedly second Terry's post. It was a privilege to be invited and I sincerely enjoyed myself as well. I got to meet a lot of editors and all were very friendly and sociable which made it all the more fun. I know from experience how stressful it is just planning one piece of a meetup, so to be invited as a guest to yours that went off without a hitch - you all did an awesome job and should be commended!

Thanks for a great time!
Justin aka 'fbisurveillancevan21'
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Re: 2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby kyhtak » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:37 pm

Thanks, XanderB, for posting this!

I really enjoyed the meetup, and I'll second what you said about it being nice to be able to finally add names, faces, voices, and personalities to avitars and user names. Thanks also to those who put so much work into organizing the meetup in the first place! I know you (xanderb) and ottonomy and davefortney worked hard on it, and I'm not sure who all else. And many thanks to oldbeeg for linking user names to faces, and to all of you traveled to be there!
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Re: 2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby ottonomy » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:11 am

There were may people who contributed to the success of this meetup at various points along the way. I'd especially like to thank the following: The_Cre8r for early contributions of forms, charts, and the calendar which helped get us started, dfortney for finding us an excellent hotel, xanderb for the second round of form and sheets in the home stretch plus endless background support, and the rest of the planning crew, who kept the enthusiasm going, provided ideas, and made it all come together (jbayes, jwe252, Onmywaysir, s18slider, uscwaller, and crazycaveman, who unfortunately couldn't make it). I was very pleased to see how many people came from neighboring regions. Whose idea was it to invite TerryPurdue? He should be at every meetup :D But it was each and every one of you taking time out of your lives to show up for this thing, making each other feel welcome and appreciated, ignoring your differences and focusing on positive and constructive fellowship which left me feeling like I'd been part of something so remarkable. I've enjoyed many meetups, but this was the best so far, and by a wide margin. Thank you all!
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Re: 2016 South Atlantic Meetup Photo

Postby LennyNRPD » Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:23 am

Awesome lookin bunch there! :mrgreen:
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