Bad ad pins

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Bad ad pins

Postby jbayes » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:28 pm

Recently, there have been reports of bad ad pins visible from the client but there is not an ad-locked point place within WME. Normally, when we see a bad ad pin, we can edit the point place within WME and staff will fix it in a few days. Please continue to do so whenever you see a bad ad-locked point place within WME*. If you run across one of these that DOES NOT have a point place in WME, please send an email to one of the SMs with the following information. We request an email be sent so that the screenshot can be included.

  1. Name and address on the advertisement
  2. Permalink to the incorrect location within WME. Please do not create a venue; just a permalink to the closest approximation of where the ad is on the map
  3. Permalink to the correct point place within WME. Please complete to the best of your abilities before submitting.
  4. Screenshot of the ad within the client (phone app)
  5. What needs to be corrected: (for example, change address to..., move to new PL location)

*It is worth mentioning that SM+/R5+ get easier approvals as long as they're the only one waiting for approval on that place.
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Re: Bad ad pins

Postby xanderb » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:38 am

To clarify item number 4, submit a screenshot of the app after the ad is tapped, not the pin displayed on the map. Here is an example.

[ img ]
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