Express Lanes Routing Requires EZPass

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Express Lanes Routing Requires EZPass

Postby subs5 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:02 pm

Waze now supports toll transponders and passes!

Have you selected the EZPass/EZPassFlex transponders in your settings for the Express Lanes

Go to SETTINGS>NAVIGATION> Add toll/HOV passes> Select EZPASS-VA or EZPass-MD or EZPASS FLEX, as applicable. The state after EZPass is just the one that issued the transponder to you. No difference in routing now, but may play into future features

You won't get Express Lanes or ICC unless you tell Waze you have the appropriate transponder.

For toll routing on the Express Lanes, you just need EZPassFlex or EZPass. For EZPass select the state that issued your transponder, most will be either VA or MD around here.

For toll free routing on the Express Lanes:
1) You need the EZPass Flex and to tell Waze that you have 3 or more people in the car (Select HOV-3+) from the Routes and HOV options. (HOV-2 for I-66 inside the beltway during applicable hours)
2) Have motorcycle selected as your vehicle type and tell Waze you meet the HOV-3 requirement in the Routes and HOV options. Virginia allows motorcycles to meet the HOV requirement as federal law mandates.

Note I-66 inside the beltway is only Express Lanes during the rush hours; eastbound in am and westbound in pm. Rest of the time it is open to all.
Note during rush hour if not HOV-2 then you have to pay a toll, that is VDOT's rules not Wazes. No free access to Dulles Access road since 4 Dec.
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