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Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:34 pm

The DCA TNC Lot has moved from by the Terminal A parking gargage to between Jefferson Davis Hwy and S Eads St just south of the Holiday Inn. The old TNC lot is now DCA employee lot.

DCA wants to have drivers turn left (south) out of the lot to go to Glebe (eb) to Jefferson Davis Hwy (nb) to the access ramp. Vice turning right (north) out of the lot to go to 23rd St.

Eventually I think the traffic data will support that since my driver took about 10 min to go from the lot to the airport. (He used Uber/GMaps, think that is fixed now :D )

Technically the right is allowed so wanted to throw it out for discussion to all editors.

Way too many segments involved to have a Junction Box prohibit the actual path (will error out on >16 connections through the JB node).

DCA is trying to be a good neighbor and minimize the traffic since 23rd and Jefferson Davis Hwy is pretty busy w/o adding all the Uber and Lyft drivers.

So possible methods for restricting the junction node B right turn are:
1) Add a DT for the right turn going northbound coming from the TNC PLA.
2) Making the right turn going northbound prohibited
3) Split S Eads St and see if we can creatively get down to <16 connections for a JB.
4) Let the Waze algorithm do its thing and see if the speeds naturally do the Magic
5) Other creative methods that YOU come up with....

Once resolved we'll implement the change and then post MC to explain for other editors.
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