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Need Help from Lvl 2+ with removing segments  Topic is solved

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 4:46 am
by GwenBD94
I'm not sure if I am even in the right place for this, but this has been irking me for months. There was some construction in my area about a year and a half almost two years ago and a segment of a street and an entire neighborhood was demolished and a new apartment complex put in in its place. The construction was OVER more than a year and a half ago, and the roads still aren't updated, on google or waze or bing or any provider. There is another bit of more-frequented construction still on-going with a new flyover from the highway in my area. this new flyover is still half-built and already exists on google and waze (it was an alternate route for me last night), so I decided to be proactive about fixing the older construction that is in my neighborhood.

Unfortunately, because the street used to exist I need a level 2 to help me.

The neighborhood is at the intersection of Harvard St and Newport Ave in Norfolk, VA 23505. Newport runs North to South, and Harvard East to west. Before the construction, Harvard ran across Newport and continued. Now, Harvard exists on the east side of Newport, but dead-ends at Newport. The west side that used to be Harvard is now a Parking Lot road. There was temporary through-access using this parking lot road to access another construction site behind the finished one, that has now been moved 1 street north. This parking lot road no longer provides through-access from Newport to the dirt field behind the apartment complex. I can flesh out the parking lot roads of the complex myself, but I can't delete the intersection where the parking lot road (previously Harvard) meets the road to the north that curves down. That intersection no longer exists, and from the published plans on the new construction, won't. The Street to the north used to be called Warren street, now Warren is only East of Newport and terminates at Newport, and where Warren used to be on the west is now Westport St. I edited this, and requested a map edit for the new layout of the WestPort St. Someone else edited this layout.

If I need Pictures of any of this I would be happy to provide, or if I am in the wrong area if someone could redirect me to the right area.

Re: Need Help from Lvl 2+ with removing segments

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 10:07 am
by vince1612
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Re: Need Help from Lvl 2+ with removing segments

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 1:16 pm
by subs5
Hi, thanks for the information and the work you did. Overall it was very good for just jumping in.

I have removed the one parking lot road segment to the West.

I did a little clean up of the area. We just check the None box for parking lot roads (PLRs) vice labeling as "No Street". We also don't allow all the u-turns unless absolutely necessary for routing so I have disabled them on all the PLRs. We also try to minimize the number of intesections so I combined some of the road segments.

The City of Norfolk's GIS is not playing well today so will verify that they correct addresses (House Number and Street) are entered when I get to a better connection tonight.

Here are some links that explain what I did above. If you are interested in editing some more let us know and we'll get you into the Mid-Atlantic server on Discord where you can talk to the local editors.

Creating and Editing Road Segments
How to map Parking Lot Roads

Thanks again for the work, and if this completes your request putting a green check mark by the title would be appreciated.

Re: Need Help from Lvl 2+ with removing segments

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 6:34 pm
by GwenBD94
I'm not 100% how to do house numbers and streets at the moment I'm still reading through the wikit, but the building numbers of the complex circling the parking lot are 7201 to the northeast, 7121 to the south east, 7141 to the southwest, and 7221 to the northwest. All on Newport.

for the street not having a name, since the street already existed with a name the interface didn't seem to want to let me remove the nave and check the box. I used the already-existent Harvard St spur that extended west of Newport and just converted it to a parking lot road and tried to remove the name (as I had to be level 2 to delete the street). It would not let me checkmark either of the two "none" boxes when I did this. I figured naming it no name while bringing attention to the area with this post would get somebody with the level required to actually affect the change.

For the buildings off of WestPort St, to the north of the parking lot visible in the satellite image, that looks like a dirt field in the most recent satellite image where I put in the curved parking lot road, I am working on getting the street numbers for those houses and will update you on those and with a picture of the under-construction complex plan posted at the entrance.

EDIT: For the currently existing 1 building of the Westport Commons Townhomes, there are 4 units in the building, and I know two of the unit numbers are 422 and 426. I believe the other two numbers to be 420 and 424
[ img ]
that is an image of the posted siteplan.
[ img ]
thats an image of what exists so far. the purple is the WestPort St I edited in the map, the red are the parking lot streets I added, that both currently exist, the orange is the buildings that currently exist. in the picture, the top building is the 42X house numbers for westport st and the bottom building pulls it's house numbers from Newport Ave I believe.