Waze Virginia Email for UR's

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Waze Virginia Email for UR's

Postby sikemever » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:39 pm

Good morning. I was working on a UR that was literally a block from my house and had not heard back from the user's initial submission. I had verified all the information and could not determine any Waze Mapping issues. Being from NOR, we typically use a close out message on our UR's to give the user one more way to contact us after we close the UR as Unresolved. The response rate on these messages is mixed but I still feel that the Return On Investment (ROI) is completely worth it since setting it up and maintaining it is extremely easy and requires almost no maintenance. Here is what I typically use in New York when closing out a UR.

"If you have any further information related to this issue, you can follow up by sending an email to WazeNewYork@gmail.com (include the original problem, road names, etc. so we can identify the issue). Also please put in the subject line “"Attn: SikeMever" so the system knows where to forward the email. Thanks!"

It's easy, I have it saved as a favorite and I plug it in before closing the UR. What are VA's thoughts on this?
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Re: Waze Virginia Email for UR's

Postby subs5 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:05 pm

That is not bad, but we already tell them how to respond in the MAR URC-E comments:
"Just a reminder. We have not received a response on your report. Please note that we don't receive email responses (they go to a nonreply address); you must reply via the link at the bottom on a computer or via the app. You may need to activate the Map->Update requests layer (tap icon at the top right of the screen) to see the conversation thread on the map.

We'd like to hear back and fix the issue, but if not then we'll infer everything is okay and close the report. Thanks!"

What percentage or how many more responses per week do you get using this method in PA, NY, DE, and NJ?
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Re: Waze Virginia Email for UR's

Postby russblau » Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:12 pm

The percentage is pretty small, but I definitely have received some responses via email after closing URs that helped solve issues that otherwise would have gone unresolved. Even if it's only one or two per month, that's one or two more problems solved instead of lingering.
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