Detour Prevention Mechanism: HELP!

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Detour Prevention Mechanism: HELP!

Postby nhanway » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:07 pm

I've got a tricky problem I need help on.

The problem was brought to my attention from a UR. This same problem has happened to me once before too.,54577073,70304561,70453725,54640909,512959426,508485716,54640090,514265348,514265347,54640091,54577072,54565957,69612928,512959423,70304564,69612914,506778236,506778237,54538206,54528953,74297478
A user was driving East on I-90. Told to exit on " Exit 9: Bellevue Way " then turn left on 113th then right on 112th then right on Bellevue Way to get onto I-405.

DTP should prevent this if since it is leaving Fw to drive on PS/St. But in this case, it did not.

Possible solutions I and some local editors have come up with was a private installation in the neighboorhood West of Bellevue Way. Since some but not all of the access points to that neighborhood are "Local Access Only", I hope there is a way we can trick the routing server without blocking access.

Please let me know if my post was confusing. I'll try my best to explain better, routing issues are hard to explain via text.

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Re: Detour Prevention Mechanism: HELP!

Postby russblau » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:52 pm

I can’t help with your specific case, but one factor to consider is that “detour prevention” is only triggered when the freeway segments at the beginning and the end of the detour have the same name (either primary or alternate).
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