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Large vehicle routing like for RV’s

Post by chuff07
I have read FAQ’s and many other postings but have not found anything that addresses the routing issues for large vehicles like RV’s. Today traveling to Pigeon Forge, TN Waze took us on a side street that would have gone under a 13 ft clearance building and we are 13’4”. Luckily there was a street we could turn to avoid what could have taken out our AC units. I cannot find anything on the app that would have avoided low clearance bridges or roads that would be disastrous for a large RV to travel on.
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Post by jm6087
Waze does not have any settings for this purpose. You can see in the "Waze Suggestion Box" that this has been requested and so far Waze has stated they have no intention of supporting this feature. You can always comment in the suggestion box and see if they will change their mind.
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Post by iainhouse
Hi there.

I'm afraid you haven't found anything about the routing issues for large vehicles because there isn't anything. Waze is not designed for large vehicles in any way. It's designed for what you might call commuter vehicles. For many years that was passenger cars only; in the last few years it's come to handle motorcycles and taxis.

There did, in fact, use to be an "RV" option for setting restrictions on road segments in Waze, along with Truck and Bus. These were quite useless, as those three vehicle type come in an enormous range of widths/heights/lengths/weights. For years we campaigned for Waze to add useful restrictions where we could specify those values, but they've consistently refused to do so. The Waze app never included the option to select those vehicle types and Waze eventually realised how pointless they were and removed the options from the restrictions properties.

As an editor, I would happily add height etc restrictions to the map, even if it was years before it was any use in the app, but they just won't do it. The feeble argument they give is that they would face liability for directing drivers of large vehicles down roads they can't pass because the restriction hasn't been set. Quite how that is an issue, when directing a vehicle to make an illegal turn when a turn restriction is missed, or a one-way street is set as two-way on the Waze map, I couldn't honestly tell you.

Forgive me if I sound impatient. As a Global Champ, I've been fighting this subject for years and have only recently given up. If you drive a large vehicle, I can only advised you to be very careful watching for road signs if you follow a Waze route, or see if there's another satnav out there that supports larger vehicles.
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Post by OlderTimer
iainhouse -
see if there's another satnav out there that supports larger vehicles.
Good advice. The OP might try this: ... n_US&gl=US

(I have no association or connection with that app)
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