Bizarre routing along the 101

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Bizarre routing along the 101

Postby Davidbiz0303 » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:54 am

Hi, I believe the company is based in LA, so it was rather a surprise when I set a trip from my house in Tarzana to Westlake Village. Instead of taking me on the 101 all the way to Westlake Blvd, the three options insisted on trying to take me on Mulholland Highway ! One took me on Ventura Blvd,then off up into the hills, then back down again, onto the 101 eventually at somewhere like Agoura...the other two also took me all over the place...everywhere but the obvious 101!! This, by the way, was at 9:30 traffic was not an issue...! :( Try setting the route from the top of Reseda...cross street Winford Ave., to Dewberry Court and Triunfo Canyon in Westlake'll be surprised at the strange suggested routes!

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Re: Bizarre routing along the 101

Postby AlanOfTheBerg » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:05 am

They have a presence in CA, but HQ is Israel.

Strange routes would not surprise the veterans as there are some places and some roads which got really messed up early on, and without community members stepping in to fix problems, or users to just drive the areas, then they may not get fixed very quickly. Mapping is done by the community.

I made a 100% complete update of US101 through OR and into northern CA a few months ago, but haven't ventured further south. Yet.

For your specific issue, I am sure there is a good reason (disconnection roadway, bad intersections) which is preventing a proper route from being created. One thing I do is drive the way I know is correct and watch Waze continually tell me to go another direction. When Waze finally gives you a proper route for the place you are it, it is highly likely that the last intersection you went through, or segment of road you just passed is a culprit. Please submit a map update request when you are at this intersection (next time?) and take some time (pulled over, or later via the Live Map on this site by clicking on the spot and Report Problem) to give details as to where you were coming from/going to (roughly, we don't need address detail all the time), and when Waze gave you a correct. A community map editor should be able to respond.
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