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Postby DerleJamem » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:05 pm


Have not trolled all the comments to determine whether any of the following have been suggested, debunked, whatever. They seem like good ideas to me!

1 - Add the capability to not add a stop based on address, but based on business, ideally within X minutes of my current location. For example, adding a stop at a coffee shop at location A may put me on an inefficient route to my ultimate destination B, but there's a coffee shop at location C that's on a more efficient route. I shouldn't need to compare the route from my current location to A or C, make a decision, go there, then ultimately route from A/C to B. Waze already knows where gas stations, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, etc locations are; it should be trivial to "pass by one" en route to one's ultimate destination, ideally within X minutes, but present me with the closest if > X.

2 - Add a "Favorite/Frequent reports" widget to the navigation screen. One tap to report police, car on shoulder, standstill traffic, etc. Let me pick, one click does the trick.

3 - Add an "Avoid secondary roads" option. I'd prefer to stay on an interstate/highway as opposed to dark, two-lane roads to save a minute at the risk of hitting a deer.

Thanks! Great product! I use it almost every drive.
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Re: Suggestions

Postby vince1612 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:21 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Suggestions will only be taken into account by staff if they're made here: ... our-phone-
(The Waze Suggestion Box)

Please look for similar ones to upvote them, or open new items if they were not suggested before, but preferably separated (1 suggestion per item), rather than having all suggestions grouped into one post.

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