Navigation turn instructions lacking

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Navigation turn instructions lacking

Postby sketch » Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:37 pm

I'll preface this by saying that Waze's turn-by-turn directions have indeed been improving between my driving and manual map edits! I have noticed, however, that when I do ask Waze to navigate, if a turn is anything less than a 90 degree angle, it will not point this turn out.

I have included a permalink to an example. In the middle of the map, you will see Calliope St (running alongside Pontchartrain Expressway) and Magazine Street (running SSW down the middle). I turn from Calliope onto Magazine to get to work, and Waze has picked this up, but when I'm driving down Calliope the direction just says "Magazine St", shows the "Finish Line" symbol, and gives me a mile amount. I get no prompt for this turn. ... ers=BTTTTT

The same thing happens with interstate ramps, which is a real problem because then you'll never be prompted to leave the interstate.

I have a couple suggestions for routing prompts:
  • Any direction that takes you onto a ramp should be stated. Freeway to ramp, primary to ramp, ramp to ramp. Ramps are either exits or forks within exits, so they are by design path changes, so they should always be stated.
  • Any time a street name changes, perhaps it should be stated. This is kind of a catch-all, and it will pick up when a street changes names (like Jefferson Hwy/Claiborne Ave), but if anything that with a "Go straight on" or unspoken direction could be helpful to point out street name changes in unfamiliar areas
  • Any time a road deviates more than, say, 10 degrees at an intersection, this should be listed to avoid confusion. A simple "keep left" can help avoid ambiguity quite a lot

These are just some ideas as to how it could work. After all, safety is pretty important for an app that's gonna be used mostly in the car ;)
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Re: Navigation turn instructions lacking

Postby krankyd » Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:44 pm

Hi Sketch,
all very good suggestions - we will look into adding them to our next updates.
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